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Posted:  24 Aug 2007 22:04

Where will you be a million years from now Will you be happy, will you be singing As ages roll throughout eternity, I ask this question?

I see that drsweets found this song, but can't find where the lyrics are posted.  Does anyone know a good place to find the music for this song?
Posted:  27 Aug 2007 21:23
I.  Just one life to live on earth and it swiftly passes by,
    Till the time has come to die.  God has given us the
    choice to decide our destiny.   In a million years 
    where will you be?

   Where will you be  a million years from now?   Will
   you be  happy?  Will you be singing?  While  ages 
   roll  throughout  eternity.  I ask this question,where
   will you be?

II. In the Bible we are told  of the day that soon will
   come.  When the people  of the earth  will be gathered
  around  God's  throne.  When you  stand  before the King
  there  for all the world  to see.  Will  He say,"well  done,"
  Where will you be?
Posted:  28 Aug 2007 14:29
Thank you sooo much!!!
Posted:  31 Oct 2016 19:19
this song means so much to me. it has helped me.
Posted:  14 Jan 2018 04:27
There's a phrase missing in the first verse. Just one life to live on earth and it swiftly passes by. "From the moment of our birth" till the time has come to die.....
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