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Posted:  22 Aug 2007 18:31
I would like the words to this song, I've never been this homesick before" by Jimmy Swaggart. He use to sing this with John.
Thanks for your help,
Posted:  22 Aug 2007 21:17
There's a light in the window,and the table's spread in splendor,
Someone's standing by the open door,
I can see a crystal river,so I must be near forever,
Lord,i've never been this homesick before.

Can't you see the bright lights shine?
It's just about home time,
And I can see my Father standing at the door,
This world's been a wilderness,
And i'm ready for deliverance,
And Lord i've never been this homesick before.

I can see the family gathering,
Sweet faces their all familar,
But no one's old or feeble anymore,
Oh this lonesome heart is crying,
I think i'll spread my wings for flying,
Cause i've never been this homesick before.

(repeat chours twice)

And Lord i've never been this homesick before
Posted:  04 Feb 2011 09:30
i feel so blessed each time i play this song...
Posted:  30 Dec 2011 22:43
i luv this song soo much .. n the way how jimmy swaggart sings it too <3 his just soo Coool ! i pray that god continues to bless him and his family <3
Posted:  31 Dec 2011 04:09
There's a light in the window , And the table set in splendor. Someones standing by an open door , I can see a crystal river , Oh how i must be near forever , For ive never felt this homesick before.                (chorus)         See the bright lights shine , It's just about home time . I can see my father standing at the door .This world has been a wilderness Imma headed for deliverence( Lord ive never been this homesick before,)                          I can see the family gathere ,there sweetfaces  all familar , But no ones old or feeble anymore . oh this lonesome eart is cryin I'll think I'll spread my wings for flying , Lord ive never felt thishomesick before . repeat chorus then (         )
Posted:  10 Mar 2012 06:35
I love this song I can remember singing it when i was just a little girl my mom just passed and im looking for a good song to sing at her funeral and i think i might do this one if i can find some music for it
Posted:  26 Apr 2012 04:30
would be nice if people would give credit where credit is due. this song was written by John Snodgrass of WV.
Posted:  26 Apr 2012 19:14
"I've Never Been This Home Sick Before" was written by Dottie Rambo in 1972
and recorded by the Rambo's in 1977 on their album called "Naturally".
Posted:  18 Jul 2013 06:40
What a lovely song!!!!
Posted:  03 Sep 2016 13:58
I love this song so blessed  when Jimmy Swaggart and John Starnes
sing this, my most played song amongst my collection of great songs. Great
talent , great song, thanks gentlemen!!
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