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Posted:  14 Nov 2008 22:32
thank you for the song my sister who is two years older the i am loves the song she doesn't sing but i do so i plan to sing it for her someday at church when ever i can get her to come to service with me. may Go bless and keep you in his arms.
Posted:  08 Dec 2008 05:01
Yes, I do love this song a lot myself.  I am planing on singing it at church very soon.  Who ever need to listen or watch this musci video can do so in youtube site.

Tlim Tue (Matu Burmese)
Posted:  07 Mar 2009 23:41
bless you guest march 10 2008 15:40. now I can praise and share this song.
Posted:  07 Apr 2009 15:00
The Four daysa late song really touch my heart and do the same to my friends. How wonderful is the song, it is really encouraging song  and lighten all the Hope of Fountain in Jesus Christ,

Luke Lalchhuanliana
Posted:  23 Apr 2009 07:09
This song is very important to me because It give me back hope, enjoy and it really touch my heart.  Last year in July I was miscarried about my baby.  I cry alot and I upsed about God Why He make me like this!  After I cry, I trun on my D.V.d player and I listen 'Four Days Late' .  After I listen this song I'm not crying any more and I pray to thank God.  Because i found out 'It not my way His way.'  I would like to say thank you very much Aaron Wilburn who write this blessful song.  I will never forget this song in my life.  God bless you all.

Posted:  23 Apr 2009 07:32
I have a question Which year Aaron Wilburn wrote this song because I really need it.  Someone know it and please let me know.

Posted:  23 Apr 2009 07:49
I want to know the story of how he/she wrote the lyrics of this song and so on.  Kindly help
Posted:  25 Apr 2009 13:28
There's a great video on YouTube where the author, Aaron Wilburn, tells the story of how he was inspired to write these lyrics.


It's very touching, and very meaningful.
Posted:  14 May 2009 08:26
i love this song, thanks guys cause now I have the lyrics, I only knew the song but didn't have the lyrics. Be blessed and God is with you.
Posted:  15 May 2009 09:40
I love this song too, my sistes and i sang at church one sabbath for AYs
Posted:  03 Jun 2009 12:54
this was great help lol thanks everyone
Posted:  21 Jun 2009 17:55
Posted:  25 Oct 2009 08:15
Here is a chord chart compliments of FreeGospelResouce.com

http://freegospelresource.com/chord-charts/he ...
Posted:  17 Jan 2010 23:47
Posted:  21 Apr 2010 18:39
Thank you so much for the cords!  Appreciated.  Margaret. Namibia (Smile of the face of Africa!)
Posted:  21 Apr 2010 21:34
great song
Posted:  15 Aug 2010 22:33
i sing this song at church! Im 13! and ive sung this every since i could talk! Now as a young teenager i still sing this! I have found that God does not only bless the peolple who are in the crowd but he blesses me as well!!
Posted:  26 Aug 2010 04:33
I Love this songs..
Posted:  02 Nov 2010 21:07
some of the chords arent right they need a little ajusting,sorry
Posted:  13 Nov 2010 21:19
What a dynamic song.  Aaron Wilburn and his wife outdid theirself this time.
I can't hear it without crying.  It is beautiful coming from two beautiful people.
Posted:  20 Nov 2010 00:41
love this song, its such a blessing. (:
Posted:  29 Jan 2011 17:40   Last Edited By: steveliu
sends a message to the world
Posted:  21 Mar 2011 22:33
I love this song i always sing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  13 Jul 2011 05:24
yes this is the right ne i was looking for...thnx very much...
Posted:  06 Aug 2011 22:54
This song has a very timely message.  God uses his time table not our.  We need to remember that, always, NO MATTER WHAT, is happening in our life.
Posted:  27 Aug 2011 15:26
How can i download the song?
Posted:  27 Aug 2011 15:28
Sorry! I am trying to found out ow to get the song Four days late. This song really inspires me.
Posted:  10 Dec 2011 12:41
thank you very much for the words of four days late my husband wanted them very much so his wish is fulfilled
Posted:  27 Oct 2012 15:48
I just heard this song being sung on TV this morning for the first time - it made me cry.  I just LOVE it and I want to thank you for the words.  I will print them off.

Many thanks.
Posted:  06 Jan 2014 21:18
Please help me with the CD with this song Massage came to Jesus by 30 goed gospel. I lost someone's CD with that song so want to replace it. Email on signmawunda@yahoo.com
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