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Posted:  28 Jan 2006 04:17
I'm looking for an old hymn for my Dad (88Yrs old).  He only refers to the church hymn as "Heart of Jesus Hear".  These are the only words he sings and I can't place the tune.  He was raised in the midwest in a small Catholic German farming community.  If this sounds familiar or if you have several songs that it could be, I would appreciate any and all suggestions.  He is very ill and I would like to find this so I could sing it for him.  Thanks
Posted:  02 Feb 2006 23:12
I hope this what you're looking for:
Text:   from Sisters of Notre Dame   
Music:   from Sunday School Hymn Book, S.N.D.   1907
OHT Incipit:   35565 35311 47447

Heart of Jesus meek and mild,
Hear, oh hear thy feeble child,
When the tempest's most severe,
Heart of Jesus hear.

Sweetly we'll rest on thy Sacred Heart,
Never from Thee, oh, let us part,
Hear then thy loving children's pray'r,
Heart of Jesus hear.

Make me Jesus wholly thine,
Change this wayward heart of mine,
Lead me through this world so drear,
Heart of Jesus hear!

Sweetly we'll rest on thy Sacred Heart,
Never from Thee, oh, let us part,
Hear then thy loving children's pray'r,
Heart of Jesus hear.
Posted:  02 Feb 2006 23:17
If you go to this site you can hear the tune:

Posted:  03 Feb 2006 22:26
Thank You!
Do you know where or how I can get the sheet music so I can play it on the piano.
If not I can wing it
Posted:  03 Feb 2006 23:51
You can try Sheetmusicplus.com, search for Catholic Hymns
http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/store/smp_fastr ...
Posted:  11 Apr 2006 23:11
Did you end up finding it online?  I haven't been able to and am looking for it for my wedding.  It was my grandmother's favorite song.  THanks!
Posted:  28 Nov 2006 20:17
Do you know where I can find the notes to the song "Heart of Jesus"
Posted:  29 Nov 2006 07:07
I want soft were with wich I can compose songs.
can you give any address from where i can get the software.
Posted:  04 Jun 2009 02:56
Thanks for the lyrics!! Godbless!!
Posted:  18 Apr 2010 06:20
I have the sheet music to this song.  E-mail me if you still  need it.

Posted:  18 Oct 2010 01:29
I am in the Midwest and this melody is not the one that I recall so fondly.  I am not musical so cannot relay how the melody goes, the one I remember is much more beautiful.
Posted:  28 Mar 2011 22:19
I am looking for the publisher so we can receive mechanical license Louis.robinson@prudential.com
Posted:  15 May 2011 08:04
I have had many requests for the sheet music I have to Heart of Jesus Hear.  I don't believe it is the Notre Dame nun version, but is very beautiful and has all verses on it.  Let me know if anyone else wants this version emailed to them.  Wanted to update my email address to you.  It's not bekah1956@etczone.com.
Posted:  15 May 2011 08:07
Sorry - my error.  My email address NOW is bekah1956@etczone.com.
Posted:  17 Feb 2012 22:20
I've seen two different melodies for these same lyrics.   One of them is the version in the "Sunday School Hymnbook" c.1907 which you can find here: http://www.hymnary.org/hymn/SSHB1907/page/54

The other version is the one I remember from church as a young lad. Someone recreated the sheetmusic for this melody using notation sofware and a MIDI file and posted it here:  http://forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=311697
Posted:  18 Feb 2014 18:13
In case anyone searching for this on the Internet in the future is interested, here is a pdf of the way that my choir has sung this.  It is the melody that Guest "17 Feb 2012" referenced having been posted on forums.catholic.com.  Melody and chords, with two parts for the chorus: http://bbloomf.github.io/lilypond-songs/downl ...
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