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Posted:  18 Aug 2007 03:44
I heard this song on Jimmy Swaggert's radio program.
It goes:  If you can believe it my God can do it.  He can heal the sick,raise the
dead. Walk on the waters just like he said. Open blinded eyes to see. Died
but he rose victoriously.If you can believe it ,my God can do it.

I need the verses.
Posted:  04 May 2012 17:02
Here's a verse that we have:
  "There's never been a mountain that He couldn't move.
There's never been a valley He wouldn't see you through.
Just claim His promises Yes and Amen,
Stand upon what His Word has said
If you can believe it , my God can do it."
Posted:  22 Nov 2013 00:43
Did Jimmy write this song?
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