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Posted:  13 Aug 2007 00:53
I am wanting the lyrics to a song that goes something like this."For there is no other fountain,where I can be more satisfied,Then in the arms of my dear Saviour,No blessings I will be denied".
Posted:  13 Aug 2007 03:20
No Other Fountain

Verse 1

I will draw my strength from Jesus,
As I lay upon His breast.
I will take my comfort from him,
I will find in him sweet rest.

Verse 2

All pain will leave my aching body,
As His sweet, healing flows.
Demons tremble in His presence,
In Jesus name they have to go.

Verse 3

On some morning in that yonder city,
I will awake to sleep no more.
In God’s presence live forever
All sin and pain will be o’er


For there is no other fountain,
Where I can be more satisfied,
Than in the arms of Christ my Savior
No blessings I will be denied.
Posted:  20 Aug 2014 20:14
I love this song, make me very emotional when I hear it
Posted:  03 Apr 2015 18:49
Lovely song
Posted:  09 Jul 2016 12:14
One most moving songs
Posted:  07 May 2017 04:48
I dreamed of living river of water it was crystal and flowing from the throne of God, it sang this song and it's waves dances like praising God!
Posted:  20 Nov 2017 02:03
Some morning in that yonder city....ah yes, Lord
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