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Posted:  02 Mar 2008 02:26
Ok guys and gals for those that play guitar I just played the unseen hand in  C so just play it in the key of C
Posted:  09 Mar 2008 20:38
this song means the world to me. it was my mother's favorite song. thank you to the writers of this song. you've truly touched mine and my family's hearts.
Posted:  31 Mar 2008 20:06
thank god i found the unseen hands. i heard it the previous night and was glad to find it. i thank you so much , i am going to cling to the unseen hands. jamaican girl
Posted:  24 Apr 2008 23:12
Does anyone know the chords for "Unseen hands"?
I'd really appreciate getting them.
E-mail me @    Plainslicemike@comcast.net
Thank you & Lord bless you !
Posted:  12 Jun 2008 17:40
I heard the song on TBC Radio  (Jamaica)   this morning and it was a blessing. Searched for the words and there it was. Thanks
Posted:  15 Jun 2008 07:07
In case this has not been posted, I believe these are the guitar chords for the chorus to "The Unseen Hand."

If you are playing this in the key of C, these chords can be transposed to any other key.


I'm trusting to the unseen hand
C                              E  E7       Am

That guides me through this weary land
             F                      C             D  D7     G   

And some sweet day, I'll reach that strand
      G7           C                        E      E7      Am

Still guided by the Unseen Hand.
     F                C           G  G7    C
Posted:  25 Jun 2008 18:43   Last Edited By: wishIcouldplay
Here is the chord progression I use with the nashville number sys.  Hope this helps someone.  Just an absolutely great song!  Hopefully the numbers are lined up better now.  But at least it will get you close, lol.

The Unseen Hand
1                               4        1
There is an unseen hand to me,
                                         2        5
That leads through ways I cannot see
                          1         4           1 
While going through this world of woe,
                                 5      1
This hand still leads me as I go

1                              3         6m   
I’m trusting to, the unseen hand   
5       4                    1                          5
That guides me through this weary land
                               1      3             6m
And some sweet day I’ll reach that strand,   
5       4          1           5           1
Still guided by the unseen hand.
Posted:  19 Jul 2008 09:13
To the Great-Grandson of A. J. Sims:

I am interested in know the titles of other songs Mr. Sims wrote.

If you want, my E-mail is

Posted:  06 Aug 2008 17:19
Still guided by the "Unseen Hand": What a Wonderful Blessing!!!!
Posted:  26 Aug 2008 02:07
Posted:  31 Jan 2009 19:52
Elder  A.J.Sims was a preacher at the church  where I grew up,The Primative Baptist  Church in Dalton Ga.  OnSunday morning  we would pick him up from his home,and go to church.  I believe he was  nearly blind at this time ,but that did not hinder him from preaching.  Many years later we sing this song at our church in Atlanta,Ga. It is thrilling to know that we once knew this gifted man.
Posted:  31 Mar 2009 18:15
Thanks I Have Been Looking For The Lyrics Also
Posted:  10 Aug 2009 20:51
Thank you so much for posting that song..I had it on my heart for 2 weeks and i couldnt stop thinking about the song... so i thank you again.
Posted:  01 Dec 2009 20:40
Thanks. I have been searching for the words to this song. God bless you.
Posted:  15 Dec 2009 20:20
could you please send me the chords this song??? thank you so much!
Posted:  06 Feb 2010 11:33
That song is realy beautifull. Here is a link to a page where you can download a version by ,The Believers. http://www.bridemusic.org/ You find it in the album called ,When I Wake Up. Thanks for showing me the chrd how to play it.
Posted:  13 Apr 2010 07:41
Thank you so much, God bless you
Posted:  14 Feb 2013 01:24
God bless you saints - lets press the battle - this is the hour to lift  The LordJesus Christ high
Posted:  26 Mar 2013 21:52
Thank God for Steve and his vision of helping others find their long lost
memories of old songs they grew up with and hopefully lived by.
Steve is an awesome singer and preacher as well, along with his wonderful
wife, also a singer. I grew up listening to them, ... although they are not much older than me! God Bless Both of you as you bless all these friends of God
Posted:  29 May 2013 20:53
Hello. I love this hymn and has been a great blessing to me. I would like to know more about the author Albert Jackson Sims. I read that he was a pastor, but I would to know his history and how he wrote this hymn. Please. My email address is svazqo@gmail.com
I appreciate all the information you can share. Thank you!
God bless you
Posted:  30 Jan 2014 00:12
Does anyone have the sheet music for "The Unseen Hand"? Please send it to rosebill21@gmail.com      Thenk you.
Posted:  08 Nov 2015 00:05
Here is the real thing...

The  Unseen Hand


There is an unseen hand to me, that leads thru ways I cannot see.
While going thru this world of woe, this hand still leads me as I go.

I'm trusting to the unseen hand, that guides me thru this wwary land;
And some sweet day I'll reach that strand, still guided by the unseen hand.

His hand has led thru shadows drear, and while it leads I have no fear,
I know twill lead me to that home, where sin nor sorrow e'er can come

I long to see my Savior's face and sing the story Saved by Grace
and there upon that Golden Strand I'll praise Him for His guiding hand.
Posted:  13 Apr 2016 07:14
Needed to hear that, tonight.

The Unseen Hand - FBC Jacksonville, FL
Posted:  30 May 2016 19:26
THE UNSEEN HAND        Key:  Bb
    Words & Music by Albert Jackson Sims        (1933)
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