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Posted:  25 Jan 2006 23:29
I need the lyrics to the song The Unseen Hand. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bev
Posted:  26 Jan 2006 05:41
The Unseen Hand:

Verse 1
There is an unseen had to me,
That leads through wave I cannot see
While going through this world of woe,
This hand still leads me as I go

I’m trusting to, the unseen hand,
That guides me through this weary land
When some sweet day I’ll reach that strand,
Still guided by the unseen hand

Verse 2
This hand has led through shadows drear
And while it leads I have no fear
I know t’will lead, me to that home
Where sin nor sorrow ere can come

Verse 3
I long to see, my Saviors face
And sing the story saved by grace
And there upon that golden  strand
Ill praise him for his guiding hand
Posted:  06 Jul 2006 16:46
Posted:  15 Sep 2006 22:34
I also Thank You...
Posted:  29 Sep 2006 02:34
Blessings and Thanks
Posted:  01 Oct 2006 03:57
Thanks so very much. I had them and lost them, I'm singing this in church tomorrow....thanks and God Bless you!
Posted:  03 Nov 2006 02:33
Here is another way that i have heard the song.  Its up to you.

The Unseen hand

Verse 1

There is an unseen hand to me
That leads through ways i cannot see
While going through a world of care
His unseen hand will lead us there


Im trusting to the unseen hand
that guides me through this wearly land
and some sweet day ill reach that strand
still guided by the unseen hand

Verse 2

oh i long to see my saviors face
and sing that story saved by grace
then while upon that golden strand
ill praise him for his guiding hand.

Repeat Chorus 2X
Posted:  20 Nov 2006 13:39
Thank you I've been looking too
Posted:  11 Feb 2007 05:55
Thank you so much I too have been searching for this wonderful song
Posted:  23 Feb 2007 03:45
Hi! I've been looking for The Unseen Hand lyrics for some time and finally I see it here. Thanks! By the way do you know who is the artist who sang this song? I'm trying to get hold of the scores. Any idea where I can get it?
Posted:  26 Feb 2007 19:55
Hi everyone,

Whiteyowhite was able to find out that this book contains the score to "The Unseen Hand"

The Best Of New Songs of Inspiration

Posted:  03 Mar 2007 12:38
Has anyone see the guitar cords to this song
Posted:  04 Apr 2007 18:53
Oh God Bless You and Thank You Soooooo much for these lyrics...I too have been tring to find them for a long long time. I am blessed. Thank You again!
Posted:  15 Apr 2007 22:05
thank you for the lyrics i couldn't get
Posted:  01 Jul 2007 22:47
thank u SO much I'm goign to sing this song in church today and I forgot the words and have been looking EVERYWHERE and this is the only place I could find them
Posted:  02 Jul 2007 19:44
I believe the words and music date back to the 1930's. I really should know more since it was written by my great-grandfather (Albert Jackson Sims). He died in 1969 before I was born. My grandmother (his oldest daughter) passed away in 2005. She was a wealth of information about countless other songs he wrote.

Rambo/Benson music published the song.
Posted:  17 Aug 2007 17:43
Here is the right way coming from the chorus book" The Unseen Hand".


There is an unseen hand to me that leads through ways I can not see
While going through this world of woe
This hand still leadds me as I go

I'm trusting to the Unseen Hand
That guides me through this weary land
And some sweet day
I'll reach that strand
Still guided by  the Unseen

Verse 2:
I long to see my Savior's face
And sing a song about his Saving Grace
And there upon this golden strand
And praise him for his guiding hand

Posted:  14 Sep 2007 03:00
hey do you known that song if i could crown you mother
Posted:  25 Sep 2007 21:21
This song was written and sung by Dottie Rambo it is on their album " Heart Warming" by The Rambos
Posted:  26 Sep 2007 03:41
thank you for these lyrics - i've been looking all over for them
Posted:  22 Oct 2007 21:31
thank u all very much
Posted:  25 Oct 2007 20:13
I have to disagree with one of the other guests about the author of "The Unseen Hand." Although Dottie Rambo is very much associated with the song, she did not actually write it. A.J. Sims of Dalton, GA wrote the song.

He was my great-grandfather. He worked in the Crown Cotton Mill, was called to preach, taught music and wrote many, many hymns. "The Unseen Hand" was published by Rambo/Benson. Although he died in 1969 before I was born, his musical tallents are still legendary in the family. "The Unseen Hand" was sung at my grandmother's funeral three years ago. It was very comforting to all of those around.

Thankfully, Dottie Rambo has been able to share it with many others over the years.
Posted:  26 Oct 2007 23:36
This is a wonderful song!  As a little girl we had it on an album by the Singing Cookes!  Oh Mrs. Cooke could sing that song!  Was wondering if there are any other fans of the Singing Cookes back in the seventies and eighties?
Posted:  09 Jan 2008 14:48

Thanks also for the words, but does anyone have the music for this song?
Posted:  10 Jan 2008 02:55
Go to the eleventh post on this page and you can click onto the site Steve has posted there to find the music.
Posted:  10 Feb 2008 02:53
it isalso in the ne songs of inspiration volume nine hyme book page 21, would anyone know where I could find the guitar chords to this song I can`t seem to figure it out
Posted:  10 Feb 2008 17:04
Last night as I was in bed, this song came to me.  It must have been 20 years when I heard the song sang.  You blessed my heart today by giving me the words to the song God brought to me last night.

Thank You!
Posted:  20 Feb 2008 03:14
Well I have figured out the verse out its played in the key of C but having trouble figuring out the chorus cant seem to get it to sound right on the first line of the chorus could some one help. Anyone intrested you can find it in the new songs of inspiration volume nine page 21
Posted:  20 Feb 2008 16:46
My book-- Songs of Faith has the first part of the chorus as

I'm holding to-----the unseen hand, that guides me thru----this weary land;
Posted:  28 Feb 2008 16:19
Thank you, I needed both the words anf the author.  Last night during our mid-week service, the Pastor was being inspired by the Lord and the Holy Spirit fell again upon the congregation.  It was a tremendous message of faith, healing, and the movement of God.  God moved in the service and we learned to be quiet and listen to that still small voice.  The inspiration of God was strong and during his message, the Pastor said one time, three small words that struck home, “The Unseen Hand”.  I had to do some research.
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