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Posted:  06 Aug 2007 20:19
I love this song and I really want the words. Does anyone please know it?
Posted:  07 Aug 2007 01:36
Poor Rich Man


I'm a poor rich man, I'm a poor rich man.
Oh you see it really happened to me, I'm a millionaire.
I know that I am poor but I've got a lot more
Than many rich folks that I know.
I've got a Home in the sky that money didn't buy,
And I'm a poor rich man.

Verse 1

We usually judge a man by the clothes that he wears,
By the car he's ridin' in.
And you can usually tell if he's doin' very well by the house he's livin' in.
But I am here to say that it don't work that way
With everybody I know.
Because I just got acquainted with some poor rich folks
A little while ago

Verse 2

When a man is rich with this world's goods
He's usually got a lot of friends.
They all want to try to live so high
When they know that it's a sin.
But even if I could I don't believe I would
Want the riches of this old world.
And when it's time to go, I'll be glad to know
That I'm a poor, poor rich man.
Posted:  19 May 2009 05:41
We've been looking for this song for a long time!!!! THANKS you just made our night.  ```***S&S
Posted:  22 Jul 2009 01:33
heard a local group do this the other night and I also looked for it everywhere.  I remember the song from a long time ago but never learned all the words.  Thanks  Max
Posted:  27 Jul 2009 01:16
does anyone know who wrote it
Posted:  18 Aug 2009 16:41
This song is the best song for gospel singing!!!1
Posted:  14 Dec 2009 05:53
The writer was Bud chambers
Posted:  06 Feb 2010 00:54
Anyone have a song sheet ? would love the notes for this beautiful song.
Posted:  01 May 2011 22:23
Jeff and Sherie Easter sing it the most I have heard. They do it really fast though. Not crazy about the speed version.
Posted:  12 May 2011 14:48
"I'm a poor rich man" was one of my favorite gospels songs..while living in
Georgia there was a group by the name of " The Crossroads quartet" with
lead singer Ronnie Calhoun or Jim Hatcher..they had a number of records
and I still play them...Another song they did a great job on was " Rose of Sharon"
I can't find the lyrics they had on that song but found a lot of others...where could I get "Their" lyrics...
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 21:03
My old friend from the Lawrance family and sang this a long time ago .  Thank you
for the words. It brings back precious memories.  EO. Michigan
Posted:  13 Oct 2011 13:21
When I was 10 years old, I went to a Pentacostal church in Visallia, CA in the early 70's and there was a couple who sang this song and I still remembered the chorus but couldn't remember the rest.  Thanks so much for the rest of the words!!!  My family has heard me hum through this song because I didn't have the words LOL
Posted:  17 Oct 2011 00:16
Thank you for the lyrics to I'm a poor rich man I'm teaching it to my 5 year old grandson to sing at church. God Bless all
Posted:  01 Feb 2014 17:53
Over 45 yrs ago I use to sing this song with a choir name the Faith temple choir in Kilene Texas.And I still love that song til' this day. Charles was our choir derector and his was one of the choir singers and she had a voice of angels to me.She wpuld the womwn at the well.I can hear her in my heart singing that song.
Posted:  11 Apr 2015 21:47
It was originally sung and wrote by The Happy Goodmans
Posted:  16 Nov 2016 03:28
The writer of this song was Bud Chambers. In his tent revival's I used to listen to this song while him being under the anointing.
I was blessed by playing guitar in some of his crusades.
Posted:  20 Jun 2017 20:45
https://songselect.ccli.com/Songs/902877/poor ...

No chord chart here though...
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