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Posted:  22 Jul 2007 04:49
I'm searching for lyrics that were put to Cat Stevens' Morning Has Broken that are really nice for a wedding... the first line begins ... Vows have been spoken
Posted:  25 Jul 2007 09:41
I am looking for lyrics to words have been spoekn by cat stevens
Posted:  25 Jul 2007 09:43
I am looking for the lyrics to "Vows have been spoken"
Posted:  25 Jul 2007 10:01
angiek@artisticmoulding.co.za   Please send me the lyrics that were put to Cat Stevens Morning has Broken song that begins with "Vows have been spoken"
Posted:  21 Apr 2009 01:06
In response to your request please find full Hymn Vows have been spoken, to the music of "Morning has Broken" by Cat Stevens. Carol and Gus

vows have been spoken
prayers have been offered
ring as a token
placed on the hand
Now with elation
spirits are lifting
in celebration
joyful we stand

Two lives are binding
each to the other
in your love finding
they are one
keep them and mould them
let joy enfold them
in your peace hold them
till life is done

There marraige brighten
with understanding
their sorrows lighten
by your care
with trust increasing
in your loves blessing
may hope unceasing
be their share

Praise and thanksgiving
Lips are now voicing
Lord of the living
God above
For all around us
Hearts are rejoicing
As you surround us
With your love.
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