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Posted:  05 Jul 2005 21:33
I am desperately looking for a hymn. I don't know if it is old or new.  The only text I have appears to be a refrain.  It is:  "Tell the People I Love Them, Tell the People I Love Them".  My pastor has apparently recently sung the hymn at an out of town location and wants to use the hymn in worship THIS SUNDAY!  That is July 10th.  Any help would be most appreciated.  Blessings and grace,  Ralfington
Posted:  07 Jul 2005 16:02
Hi Ralfington,

Hope I'm on time with this

Tell the people I love them, tell the people I care;
When they feel far away from me, tell the people I'm there.
Last night Jesus came to me, wiped the tears from my eyes,
And he said not to worry, I'll be there by your  side.

Written by Leonard Bartlotti
© 1972 Gospel Publishing House

I found it on this site, complete with guitar chords

http://our.homewithgod.com/jfcmjed6/praise_wo ...
Posted:  08 Jul 2005 04:00

Many, many thanks.  I can run with this information.  My pastor will return from mission trip tomorrow and I will have time to work with her and get it into Sunday's bulletin.  You're a lifesaver.  I hope I can perform such a service for someone in the future.  Blessings,  Ralf
Posted:  31 Aug 2009 13:07
The hymn is in Combined Mission Praise number 630

Tell My people I love them,
tell My people I care;
when they feel far away from Me,
tell My people I am there.

Verse 1
Tell my people I came and died
to give them liberty;
and to abide in Me
is to be really free.


Verse 2
Tell My people where'er they go
My comfort they can know;
My peace and joy and love
I freely will bestow.

Leonard Bartlotti and Jan Harrington copyright 1975 Celebration/Kingsway Music.
Posted:  05 Feb 2010 06:59
I would love to have this song and chords for guitar. If someone could please help, this post is so old the links don't work.  Thanks!
Posted:  01 Apr 2010 04:15
Tell the People I Love Them
               D                            Em          A7                             D
Chorus:  Tell the people I love them, tell the people I care
B7                              Em                 A7                                    D
When they feel far away from Me, tell the people I’m there.
          D                           Em            A7                                       D
1.    Last night Jesus came to me, wiped a tear from my eyes
B7                            Em           A7                                    D
And He said not to worry so, He would stay by my side  (Chorus)

D                                   Em                      A7                             D
2.    Then He looked out upon the world, in the darkness of night
B7                                     Em                 A7                            D
And He turned and He spoke to me, Oh, how sadly He sighed  (Chorus)

D                                     Em       A7                                  D
3.    When I walked upon Calvary, and I poured out my life
B7                       Em                A7                                        D
I died for each one of them, so that they might have life  (Chorus)

D                              Em    A7                             D
4.    I will always remember, when He came to me
B7                     Em                A7                          D
For once I had blinded eyes, but now I can see  (Chorus)

Tell the People I Love Them – words and music by Leonard Bartlotti © 1972 Gospel Publishing House
Posted:  28 Jul 2010 18:38
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you
Posted:  29 Aug 2010 20:35
Posted:  18 Dec 2010 14:00
I am looking for the same title of the song but the refrain goes and I will be with you always, till the end of all time. I am your God, you are my people, you are mine. And I will be with you always, till the sun doesn't shine, I am your God and you are mine. Any idea??? Thanks, Kiel.
Posted:  06 May 2011 03:01
does anyone have the musical score for this song.  we need the actual notes for a recital.  thanks much
Posted:  09 Jul 2011 08:41
This used to be an exclusive song for TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) more than 30 years ago (when TEC was founded).
Posted:  02 Aug 2011 01:49
does anyone know where an mp3 of this song can be found?
Posted:  15 Oct 2011 02:00
has anyone found a downloadable song... i would really love to hear it!!!
Posted:  06 Mar 2012 04:13
I am looking for music for Tell The People I Love Them that can be used on piano or organ. Do not have  anyone who can do guitar.  Thank you..Love this song and can not find the song book Mission Praise..
Posted:  06 Mar 2012 05:33
if you google     Leonard Bartletti tell the people I love them      and then click on

the choir tell the people I love them    you can hear the song
Posted:  22 Mar 2012 18:02
Delighted to find this page as I am looking for this song to download - but I cant find the 'the choir'  can you give me a clue - I've just registered - thanks!
Posted:  23 Mar 2012 05:51
Actually, if you just type in      the choir tell the people I love them      it should be the first one that comes up.
Posted:  28 Sep 2012 09:30
I have a recording  of the Bartelli version by Holly Faith Phillips. It was copied from a reel to reel tape to a cassette and then I mp3ed it. The quality is poor. If anyone might have a decent copy of the Holly Faith Phillips recording I would be grateful. I have been trying to find it for over 16 years but even the great Google hasn't been of much help. You can email me at hopelivesproject (at) yahoo.com
Posted:  02 Feb 2018 04:56
nice help
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