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Posted:  15 Jul 2007 22:33
I am looking for an old hymn my mother sang. It was in a church hymnal.  The lyrics included the words: roses may have thorns but don't forget.  That thorns may have some roses too.   
Can anyone help me?
Thank you!
Posted:  18 Jul 2007 12:57
Hi Guest,

Is this the one you're looking for?

He Will Never Fail to See You Through
Author unknown

The withered flowers hold the seeds of promise,
The winter days are harbingers of spring;
The trials that may often seem most bitter
May bring to you the joy that makes you sing.

The sorrows that have come to you unbidden
Have often brought a peace before unknown.;
the Maker of your destiny is striving
To fit your heart to be His royal throne

Your roses may have thorns, but don't forget
Your thorns may have some roses, too;
The Lord of great compassion loves you yet,
And He will never fail to see you through.

God bless!
Posted:  30 Jul 2007 18:45
Thank you!  I have been looking for years for this song.  I am so glad I found this website.  Where did you find the song?  It would be great to have the music also.  I know the tune to the chorus because my mother sang it so often.  Can you help me with this also?  Thank you so much. 
Posted:  02 Nov 2010 12:18
Hello Steve, Could you help me with the music to the song. I know just the chorus. THank You.
Posted:  05 Nov 2010 21:40
It was copyrighted by Haldor Lillenas in 1925, but I have read that it was written by George Perry, a Salvation Army Officer.

Elizabeth Roby
Posted:  21 Mar 2014 03:45
There is a scanned copy of this hymn found posted on August 10, 2012 on this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Todays-Manna-M ...
Posted:  19 Jan 2018 05:21
There's a couple more verses to that song. 

Life's sunshine may be checkered with its shadows,
The pleasant valleys meet the rolling hills.
The quiet seas may change to raging billows,
But all is well if so the Father wills.

The peaceful day may change to raging tempest
But know that after tempest comes the calm.
And know that after night must come the morning,
And after sad bereavement, healing balm.
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