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Posted:  14 Jul 2007 16:55
Looking for the lyrics to the rest of this song.
Posted:  15 Jul 2007 00:35
In parenthesis (cry) was on another site posting this song instead of Christ. All other words were the same. Since I didn't know this song, I showed both.

In the Image of God

Melody & Lyrics: John W. Peterson

In the image of God we were made long ago,
with the purpose divine, here His glory to show.

But we failed Him one day, and like sheep went astray.

Thinking not of the cost, we His likeness had lost.

But from eternity God had in mind.

The work of Calvary the lost to find.

From His heaven so broad, Christ came down earth to trod,

so that men might live again in the image of God.

Now that I had believed and the Saviour received.

Now that I from the Christ (cry) of my guilt am relieved.

I will live for my Lord, not for gain or reward,

but for love thinking of what His grace has restored.

I'll never comprehend redemption's plan.

How Christ could condescend, to die for man.

Such a Saviour I'll praise, to the end of my days

as I up-ward on-ward trod in the image of God.

CD / Hymnal: Teen Praise For Secondary School

Publisher: Chinese Christian Literature Council, Ltd.
Posted:  29 Jul 2011 04:38
great and precious hymn! Do you have the score?
Posted:  05 Jan 2012 06:35
Back in the '60's when I was a college student at Biola, two beautiful young ladies, whose names were Mary Lou & Barb, sang this song so beautifully in a chapel service that both the words & the melody were seemingly burned into my memory forever!  Almost 50 years later, I still sing the song & I can still quote the words of the first verse vebatum!  That was the only time that I remember ever hearing the song sung.  It made a deep, deep impression on my soul.  I love it's message!   FAH
Posted:  11 May 2012 14:28
FAH - Go to Youtube and type in In the Image of God, Peterson Sisters.  The song is posted there.  I remember a girls' trio in my church singing it in the 70's.  You don't hear it anymore, but the words are great still.
Posted:  26 Sep 2012 15:02
This hymn is very dear to me. God's love is shown in the gift of His son. God knew in eternity past what we would do. He has redemptions plan was put int plan before He created the world. What a great God we have.
Posted:  09 Feb 2013 02:23
Butler.Michael48@ gmail.com
Posted:  23 Feb 2013 04:19
Is this song in public domain, i.e. we can print and sing freely without Infringing copyright? KOL.
Posted:  23 Feb 2013 07:06
Go to
for answers to that question
Posted:  31 Mar 2016 14:20
At choir practice last night we went over a song with the same name...different lyrics and music. I sat there thinking vaguely there was another song with those words. Finally came through from my days in Chicago. Loved the memory and song. That the mind pulled that out from all those years ago was a gift!
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