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Posted:  18 Jan 2006 06:48
Does anyone have the verses to this song?  The chorus goes:

Put angels all around you, to keep you from harm.  To guide and protect you, until you're safe in his arms.  Put angels all around you, you're never alone.  And you'll be protected.  Until you make it home.
Posted:  19 Jan 2006 06:15
drsweets, i have been trying to find these lyrics also. i hope and pray someone out there knows these lyrics. i heard this song at church the other day and i thought it was so beautiful. so hopefully someone out there will provide the lyrics for us..

Posted:  22 Jan 2006 00:31
Hi Heather, Sherry,

I believe this might be it.

In a world full of trouble we travel along.
God is our Father, we're on our way home.
If forces of evil ever close in on you,
Jesus has promised, this is what He will do.

Put angels all around you to keep you from harm,
To guide and direct you, 'till you're safe in His arms.
With angels all around you, you're never alone
And you'll be protected 'till you make it home.

The prophet Elijah, in the Bible we're told
Approached by an army just stood there so bold.
Cause he heard God's whisper "Fear not my son,
Just look toward the Heavens,  see what I have done."

Hope this is it!

God bless,
Posted:  22 Jan 2006 06:29
dear steve,
thank you so very much that is the song. i am so greatful to you for finding it for me. may God bless you always.   sherry
Posted:  22 Jan 2009 03:12
can some one please tell me who sings this song i heard it at church and i cant find it no wheres so please msg bak.

              GOD BLESS
Posted:  19 Jun 2009 01:18
the song "angels all around you" was sung by the hemphills
Posted:  05 Nov 2009 22:10
Where can I purchase a soundtrack with "angels all around you" on it?
Posted:  28 Jan 2010 10:47
thank you so much, i have been looking for this song for years. all i knew was the chores and part of the 2nd verse, but i would sing this song to my children at night before they went to sleep. Now i have 3 grandbabies and I will get to sing them th efull version of this song. thank you so very much again and may God bless!1
Posted:  25 Jul 2010 05:16
thank u im needing this song for my grandmother!!
Posted:  10 Aug 2010 18:16
It is a bluegrass hymn by Rhonda Vincent  She will be in Turkey Trac for the October huge festival.
Posted:  16 Mar 2011 04:46
The song Put Angel's all Around us, was sng by, Candy Hemphill  Christmas

The Hemphill's Gospel Group
Posted:  16 Mar 2011 04:48
any time you want info on a song   go to www.youtube.com.
Posted:  02 Apr 2012 15:33
The Spurlins are the gospel group that sings it.
Posted:  11 Oct 2012 23:46
This song was one of my personal favorites when my 3 boys were growing up. We would sing it in the car together, and my youngest son would request that I " sing the angel song." He is now a major in the Army, serving his country in Afganistan, and this song still gives ME great peace, I love reminding myself that God is protecting my son.
Posted:  24 Mar 2016 09:05
Please read Psalm 91

Angels All Around You sang by The Followers
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