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Posted:  11 Jul 2007 18:09
I'm looking for "Joy In The Morning" not "Joy Comes In the morning"
Chorus like this" There'll be joy on the other side of jordan, peace will last forever and a day

Posted:  14 Jul 2007 00:01
I've got a few more words to Joy In the Morning, Verse: If i put my hand to my ear and listen, I can hear the sound of a celebration from far away, the music's so excitingas loved ones are arriving............
If someone knows the rest of this and who wrote it or sings it, it would be greatly appreciated.
God bless
Posted:  14 Aug 2007 00:58
Kirk Talley sang that I believe.  My memory is this:

If I put my hand behind my ear and listen
I can hear sound of celebration, from afar
the music's so inviting as loved ones are arriving
and the saints are singing come to where we are

There'll be joy on the other side of jordan
peace will last forever and a day
there'll be joy on the other side of jordan
what a glorious celebration
far beyond imagination
there'll be joy on the other side someday

as i stop and look around me all i see is trouble
and it seems we've grown complacent with this way
but the more that i am seeing
the more i'm glad i'm leaving
and i'm getting so excited, bout that day

Posted:  15 Aug 2007 20:50
Thanks NDMA!  Good memory. GOD BLESS
Posted:  31 Oct 2015 22:41
Here is Kirk Talley's rendition
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