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Posted:  15 Jan 2006 18:07
need help locating the lyrics to this song, I can just remember bits and pieces...the chorus goes something like this...jesus is precious he is so precious, jesus is precious to me....   and then it says something like........my lord and my master, jesus is precious to me.  and also one of the verses says something like.....what more could i ask for, jesus is precious to me.
Posted:  18 Jan 2006 06:00
I can help!!

Jesus is Precious

1)  When I feel discouraged, forsaken, and forgoten
Jesus is precious to me.
In all my conditions, he is my great physician.
Jesus is precious to me.
He's comfort in sorrow, He's the only hope for tomorrow.
Jesus is precious to me.
He's all that I pray for, what more could I ask for?
Jesus is precious to me.

Chorus)  Jesus is precious, he is so precious.
Jesus is precious to me.
And he is my Savior, he's Lord and my Master.
Jesus is precious to me.

2)  Its not earthly treasures
And its not worldly pleasures
That seem so important to me.
And though I prize friendship,
And I thank God for my kinship,
Still there's no one so precious to me.

Hope that helps!!!
Posted:  15 Jun 2008 02:22
Happy with Jesus alone
Posted:  15 Jun 2008 02:25
Does anyone have the chorus to Happy in Jesus alone
Posted:  01 Jan 2009 22:32
I have been looking for the words of this son.  Very glad you posted it!  I think it was written by Benny Triplett
Posted:  15 Feb 2009 17:26
can anyone provide more details about the hymn "Jesus is Precious" e.g. date when written, what hymn books it is published in etc.
- obviously taken from  1Pe 2:7 Unto you therefore which believe [he is] precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner,
Posted:  15 Apr 2010 21:28
I need the music to "Jesus is Precious to Me". Where can I find the sheet music?
Posted:  27 Jun 2010 07:47
It's in the songbook called, "Songs We Love to Sing."  It was written, I think, in the late 1940s, but that's a guess.  My songbook is downstairs and it's late.  I'm afraid if I went to retrieve it, I'd never make it back to the computer.  Hope that's helpful.
Posted:  26 Jan 2012 05:40
This song means alot to me. I sing it on a daily basis. God Bless you all
Posted:  09 Mar 2012 21:29
Thank you so much Heather.  I am singing it for my mom's memorial next Saturday in Florida.  I wish I had the music as well.  But thank you for responding.  Tommi
Posted:  22 Feb 2013 19:47
The song: "He's Precious to Me" is found in the "Church of God" song book; "Hymns of the Spirit".
Posted:  05 Jan 2014 20:55
Where can I find an accompaniement track
of He's Precious to Me?
Posted:  10 Jan 2014 20:39
You can also find this song in "Songs and Hymns of Revival" Gold Edition. It is produced by North Valley Publishing. Your can google them and they have a website where the book can be purchased. It is pretty inexpensive.  God Bless!
Posted:  09 Feb 2015 17:17
Does anyone know of a soundtrack for Jesus Is So Precious To Me?
I've looked EVERYWHERE!
Posted:  19 Jan 2016 22:24
Jesus is Precious
Words and music by Bennie S. Triplett
Copyright 1976 by Q.C.A. Music., Inc Assigned 1978 to Canaanland music., this arr. Copyright 1978 by Canaanland Music a divison of Word Music., Inc 4800 W Waco Drive, Waco TX 76710
Posted:  19 Jan 2016 22:45
Jesus is Precious

1)  When I feel disheartened, forsaken, forgotten;
Jesus is precious to me;
In every condition He is my physician;
Jesus is precious to me,

2) He's comfort in sorrow,
He's hope for tomorrow,
Jesus is precious to me;
He's all that I pray for; what more could I ask for?
Jesus is precious to me.

3)  It's not earthly treasures;
Its not worldly pleasures
that seem so important to me;
And though I prize friendship
and praise God for kinship,
There's no one so precious to me.

Chorus)  Jesus is precious, he is so precious,
Jesus is precious to me.
He is my Savior, Lord and my Master,
Jesus is precious to me.
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