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Posted:  22 Nov 2015 00:29
This is the song that is reviving my faith and trust in God, found it posted on what sup group then as I was praying; I turned on my music player and it was the first song to play so it was confirmed to me that it was what God was speaking to me at this time when my life seem chaotic and full of confusion and fears.
Glory to God, He is bigger than anything I can or cannot see.
may the composer be blessed and inspired more to continue touching more souls like mine.
Posted:  30 Nov 2015 15:54
I sang this through Airborne school, Ranger School, and Air Assault School. I sang it through 22 years in the Army. I still sing it today. God is good!!
Posted:  20 Jan 2016 06:55
Hello sb , am kindly requesting for the person who sang a song that  says Gos is biger in me , Jesus is bigger .........,  Perfect ................ I looked for the lyrics  i have failed to get the song, pls email to me thru mcnetsm@aol.com
Posted:  08 Mar 2016 20:21
Yes: God is bigger than any problem that we have, the song bless me a lot, lift me up. I love a song, God is greater than Fear,  lets keep praising  Him. Christina from South Africa
Posted:  18 Apr 2016 02:25
Thankyou for the wonderful song...so lbessing to me..i love it
Posted:  21 Jun 2016 15:06
one of the best song ever writen , that you can sit down and listen to when you are sad, that makes you happy again and smile
Posted:  24 Aug 2016 15:56
Thanks its the one
Posted:  31 Jan 2017 21:30
U all can agree with me that this song came from Heaven.One of the choir group in my Church sang it and I could hear God through them, they sang it with so much joy that I felt we were already our of this world.God bless minstrel that received this song.
Posted:  24 Feb 2017 19:22
Posted:  04 Mar 2017 06:49
I am looking for the actual music sheet SATB, can anybody help?
Posted:  08 Mar 2017 03:52
Thank you so much for the song. such a blessing in a song.
Posted:  26 May 2017 09:00
So powerfull and bkesses me so much
Posted:  18 Nov 2017 13:35
ya me too heard this song in the CD Red Rocks and most of the songs and the talk in that CD is inspiring as well as humorous too.
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