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Posted:  02 Jul 2007 00:11
My father and I want to sing this song but I can't find the lyrics anywhere! If someone had the CHORDS that would be AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Posted:  13 Aug 2007 23:48
Maybe this is what you want (the way I've heard it)

We're in a mighty conflict here
the army of the Lord
we must join forces standing tall
and lean upon his word
the enemy is now in view
and bravely circles round
then comes the cry from the battle field
another soldier down

go then with haste
stand by his side
and lend your strength once more
go bear him up with faith & prayer
until battle's o'er
the fight before the victory
the cross before the crown
be ever watchful ere the cry
another soldier down

we've set our minds on victory
advancing day by day
we've got our hopes our strategy
armed fortress on the way
and at the end there is a rest
an everlasting crown
all in the field no more will hear
another soldier down


repeat:the fight before the victory
the cross before the crown
be ever watchful ere the cry
another soldier down
another soldier down
another soldier down
Posted:  08 Sep 2009 21:31
i love it very much...a beautiful song to homor HIM...our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Posted:  14 Sep 2009 20:23
Thanks for the lyrics!
Posted:  02 Feb 2010 21:31
Thanks For The Lyrics!
They Were A Little Off, But Very Accurate!
OUr Band Is Singing This Song and We Needed The Lyrics And This Helped Us Out TREMENDOUSLY!
Posted:  16 Jun 2010 04:36
what an awesome song to sing, you can just feel the strength of the Lord.  We all have our battles to fight, but if God is for us who can be against us!  Is that not cool!!!!!! God is always good. Look for Him and to Him in your storm.
Posted:  07 Oct 2010 02:31
I think a few of these lyrics need correcting.....but either way, this is a wonderful song.  I "think" this is correct (but i've been wrong before).

we've set our minds on victory
advancing day by day
with God our hope, our strategy
our fortress on the way
and at the end there is a rest
an everlasting crown
all end of fear no more we'll hear
another soldier down
Posted:  12 Oct 2010 23:22
Yes Guest, I believe your words are the correct ones.
Posted:  20 Jun 2011 17:08
This is a great song.  It reminds us that we are in a fight day by day against the enemy, the Devil, but also reminds us that we should be ever mindful and in prayer for other saints around us that they do not fall.  We should be encouragers and exhorters in the Lord.  Thanks for posting!  I have been looking for the words, and I LOVE the Isaacs singing it!  Not the first time I ever heard it, but they do an awesome job of it.
Posted:  23 Aug 2012 03:21
Absolutely a beautiful Christian song.  Every day we are challenged by Satan, in a continual battle known as Spiritual Warfare.  Ephesians 6 reminds us that we are to put on our shield and Sword., to fight against Satan.  Having been a military soldier in Combat., we never leave a soldier behind.  I compare this analogy to Spiritual Warfare.  We should always pick up a fellow Christian when they are feeling injured or down.  One of my favorite Christian songs.  Glory be to our Savior.
Posted:  26 Oct 2012 11:44
What a song! I'm sure it was dedicated to missionaries in far away lands
Those who have laid down their lives to make Christ known.
"There remaineth a rest unto the people of God". Praise His name.
Posted:  20 Nov 2013 17:16
What a lyrics, God bless you the writer.
Posted:  05 Dec 2013 00:58
Anybody ever hear these lyrics??

It was really good to see you on the red eye, last night
I didn't want to bother you, so I waited 'til the time was right
Blew you a kiss hello and mouthed the words I love you
But when you acted like you didn't know me
I thought my heart would break in two

You were such a warrior when we fought side by side
Steady moving up the ranks, I bragged about you all the time
Everybody's hero but you gave up the fight
Now what I see is another soldier down

Another soldier down, needing us to pray instead of laughing at  the situation
and looking the other way
Another soldier down, someone we can't afford to lose
Let's make a vow not to let another soldier down
Posted:  14 Sep 2014 09:31
Posted:  20 Sep 2014 17:19
what an inspired song, thanks ISAACS
Posted:  25 Feb 2016 15:52
The line "air to cry" or "ere the cry" as listed in various lyric sites is incorrect. "Air" is an archaic word meaning to shout out or exclaim loudly, or merely to pronounce publicly. The word "cry" is also being used archaically, meaning a shouted phrase or slogan, as in "battle cry." The line in the song is "air the cry."
Posted:  25 Feb 2016 15:55
my previous post omitted that the whole line needs to be "the ever watchful air the cry" meaning the ever watchful shout out "Another Soldier Down."
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