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Posted:  01 Jul 2007 00:40
I know part of this song:
   Some have made Jesus a game that they play, to others a song that they sing. But since I've met Jesus, I'm happy to say, that to me He's become everything. That's the first verse, I think;  Can anyone help?
Posted:  02 Jul 2007 21:30
Some have made Jesus a game that they play to others a song that they sing
But since I've met Jesus I'm happy to say to me He's become everything

To me He's become everything He's everything that I need
The Beginning the End He's life's dearest friend
To me He's become everything

When I wake up each morning He's right by my side
At night He's my last though in mind
He's joy for each moment He's hope that faith brings
To me He's become everything

He's my future He's my past the first and the last
To me He's become everything

As Recorded by
The McGruders
Posted:  09 Oct 2012 15:07
I would like to buy the book that has this in it.
Posted:  09 Oct 2012 15:10
Did you find this?
Posted:  10 Oct 2012 04:57
I believe this is sung by the Mcgruders
Posted:  17 Oct 2012 21:07
I saw, and lost the post that said they had the old sheet music for
To me He's become everything---and said to click and they would sell it or copy it. Please if you get this post contact me @ zoyasuaz@aol.com.
Posted:  08 May 2014 12:46
can someone. please send me the chords. its really important.
Posted:  22 Jul 2015 21:23
Verys simple if key c    c g c if want to make very simple
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