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Posted:  21 Jun 2011 07:53
looking for the words of song he's  everything to me
Posted:  07 Sep 2011 18:14
Today in a men's group, we were asked to give a one or two word answer to the question "Who is Jesus to you?"  The response that came to my mind was "everything".  Thinking about this brought the line "He's everything to me" back to my mind and I pieced together some of the song but not all.  Thanks for being here to help us find songs from our past.  i think I learned it as a college student in approximately 1970.
Posted:  06 Jan 2012 16:09
Do you have the music for this song?
Posted:  22 Feb 2012 22:36
Posted:  12 Aug 2012 06:31
I too remember this song exactly as you, from choir in the 60's and have searched for years to no avail. I loved it. This is the closest I have come in finding your post from years ago!

There was a Christmas song that we sang in choir in the 60's.
I thought it was called the Rose and the Lily, and must be very wrong on that as I have attempted to search for many yrs to no avail.
Maybe someone here can help?
I recall this much:
" The angels of heaven bent earthward to listen as Mary His mother sang sweet lullaby"
It was truly beautiful and I so wish I could find a recording or at very least the lyrics for it.
Thank you
Posted:  25 Aug 2012 20:15
I did not read all of the posts on here, but, I stumble into this and would like to let all of you know that I have sheet music to this song. I have it for sale at flea markets.  Just to make sure.. it lists title as 'He's EVERYTHING to Me' words and music by Ralph Carmichael from World Wide Pictures 'The Restless Ones'. Copyright 1965.
Posted:  25 Aug 2012 20:19
Sorry..I forgot to add my contact info.. I am on Facebook Nichols & 10 varieties or you can e-mail me at Jqguppie@aol.com put song title as subject.  I have $2.00 plus S&H on this piece.
Posted:  23 Oct 2012 17:52
im searching for the lyrics of a song when i was young....it goes like...the marketplace is empty, they suddenly go still...when a man came through the entrance of the city......chorus is....Jesus sweet Jesus, He is the Son of God....
hope u can have it posted...thanks...God bless...
Posted:  10 Nov 2012 04:15
Our church had a bonfire and the sky was clear with the stars shining.  I laid on the ground by the fire looking up at  the sky.  I reflected on a song I use to sing as a child at Pioneer Clubs.  What a delight to find the song's lyrics here.  Thank you.
Posted:  25 Feb 2013 01:50
Pls can anyone who's got he's everyting to me by ralph carmicheal send the sound track or any  audio version to my mail? I love the song wit my whole hrt but can't seem to find it. Found only the sheetmusic but I need the audio soundtrack or sung hymn.  theophilusjosh@yahoo.com. Pls help me . Thanks and God bless u
Posted:  15 Apr 2013 01:54
Believe "Red book with white letters" is One hundred Sacred Favorites, a spiralbound 10x12 put out by Singspiration.  It contains "He", "He's Everything to Me" and quite a few others.  "My God and I" is first song if book if anyone wants help remembering it.  I have it and glad that I do. (also have the little black book "He's Everything to Me")

This is youtube link to Imperials singing "He's Everything to Me"

my contact is cb_alice@yahoo
Posted:  03 Oct 2013 13:39
I can't sing or hum "He's everything to me" without recalling singing it for the first time around a youth group campfire at Pocahontas State Park in Virginia and realizing with every ounce of my being that that was exactly how I felt.  Thank you for helping me recall every word - and I'm 60!
Posted:  09 Jan 2014 19:39
This songs start our with the words:  Oh I love that Galileen, an old song my Dad used to sing in the late 50's early 60s.  Any one have the lyrics?
Posted:  09 Jan 2014 20:00
Is this it?

Oh, I love that Man of Galilee
Who has done so very much for me.
He forgave me all my sins, put the love of God within.
Oh, I love that Man of Galilee.

1.   In a manger long ago I know it was really so,
A child was born to save us from our sins.
John saw him on the shore, the Lamb forevermore.
It was the Christ, the Man of Galilee.

2.   Nicodemus came by night to learn the way of right.
He asked the Son of God what he must do.
These words were said to him, "Ye must be born again
By the Spirit of the Man of Galilee."

3.   Like the apostle Paul of old, who liked to lost his soul
Fighting against the people who were right.
Like wise men from above, He heard these words of love,
"I am the Christ, the Man of Galilee."
Posted:  17 Feb 2014 19:26
T's been great getting the Lyrics of this song. I first heard this song six month back in a Billy Graham Christian movie "The restless ones". I liked it straight away. So I started searching for it using the sweet words sang in the movie and ended up here. So grateful. Now I need to get the whole song, learn & sing it.
Posted:  10 Mar 2014 04:56
Youth fellowship, Emmanuel MCA, Mandeville, Jamaica! Wonderful song! Strengthened my faith.
Posted:  02 Apr 2014 10:31
I love this song. we use to sing it during our high school assembly time. God bless
Posted:  05 May 2014 14:16
sheet music for this song is available on Amazon
Posted:  31 May 2015 23:48
I've never understood why the line is '... ruleth over land and sea' when the rest of the verbs are more modern usage. Either all King James all the way or none. Do not mix media, people. That's just bad writing.
Posted:  06 Jun 2015 18:56
Don't know why this beautiful song has been running through my mind lately.  I am 58 years old and I remember singing this in youth choir...early 70s probably.  It made me cry to read the lyrics as the beautiful melody floated through my memory.  Thank you!
Posted:  07 Mar 2016 16:44
Anybody remember the lyrics to good news children of God never die? My email address is: suzi.muniz@ yahoo.com
Posted:  15 Jul 2016 03:43
It will cost you $5.50, but it's available at http://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtd.asp? ...
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