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Posted:  13 Jan 2006 02:09
Hi, I was looking for the words to an older song, I seem to remember the chorus but, not the verses. The chorus I believe is... Now He walks beside day by day ever watching o'er me lest I stray, helping me to walk the narrow way, He's everything to me.
Posted:  13 Jan 2006 02:21
It's a song from the 60's by Ralph Carmichael

In the stars His handiwork I see,
On the wind He speaks with majesty,
Though He ruleth over land and sea,
What is that to me?
I will celebrate Nativity,
For it has a place in history,
Sure, He came to set His people free,
What is that to me?

Till by faith I met Him face to face,
and I felt the wonder of His grace,
Then I knew that He was more  than just a
God who didn't care,
That lived a way out there and

Now He walks beside me day by day,
Ever watching o'er me lest I stray,
Helping me to find that narrow way,
He's Everything to me.
Posted:  14 Jan 2006 08:38
Dear Kay,
Thank you so very much, I remember singing this song as a young teen and I loved it! God bless you!
Posted:  02 Feb 2006 16:13
Several days ago I started humming the tune
but couldn't come up with the lyrics for the
song. I could only remember something about
speaking with His majesty. Today, in my morning
prayer, I praise God for His majesty, how he
provides for us and holds the earth in space.
When I said, amen, the words "He's everything
to me" pop into my mind. God answers prayer
and blesses His children who praise and worship

Thank you for creating this site. I put
"He's everything to me" in a search engine
and arrived here. May God bless you and
the souls that reach this site.
Your brother in Christ. If you are interested,
you may want to visit my site, The Country
Parson at: http://www.cparsons.com
Posted:  18 Aug 2006 01:10
Hi. I recently asked a lady in our church to sing this song as a "special" but she doesn't remember it or has never heard it. I have had this song in my head for a while now. Wonder where I could get the music for her? I know it would be such a blessing to our church to hear it!!
Posted:  19 Aug 2006 09:49
Love this song. Was anyone able to supply the music? Jean
Posted:  18 Sep 2006 19:06
Seeking lyrics and music to a song that has part of the lyrics "how can I keep from singing."  I believe Enya sang the song some years ago.  I also believe it is an ancient Celtic song that talks about the marvelous salvation, and that God's grace is so wonderful we must sing about it.
Although I loved the music of Enya, I confess that sometimes I couldn't understand the lyrics.
Would love to know the history of the song as well.
Posted:  21 Sep 2006 23:45
I dont know if it will help anyone, but the link below is a midi sound file of he's everything to me.

Hope it helps
Posted:  10 Nov 2006 21:57
Does anyone know where I can get the sheet music for this song?

Thanks for the midi.
Posted:  20 Nov 2006 17:21
November 20, 2006
I have the fondest memories of being at my grandmother Sullivan's home in Pinson, Alabama in her den with the whole clan while my Aunt Teresa would play this song and we'd all sing.  Had forgotton the words and song until recently when I decided to write them down.  As I began singing the song from the lyrics that I'd written, I realized they were not complete, it didn't sound right.  I was only a child/teen (now I'm 47) when we'd sing as above-mentioned!  Thank you so much for posting the complete song lyrics.  Now I can sing to the Lord and praise Him as my grandmother and her family once did.  (She passed away about 12 years ago). God is so good.  I'm thankful for the internet and the connections we can make through this technology.  Ann
Posted:  04 Dec 2006 15:18
This song came across my mind this morning when I was doing devotions with my three sons. We were talking about What do I Know to be True About GOD today? and that's when the song came to mind. Believe it or not, I remembered it but not all of it.
When I was growing up in St. Kitts, we had assembly every morning in school and we sang songs of priase. It was there that I learned this song, among many others. I was in 1st grade at the time.
GOD is truly amazing!!!!!
Thank you so much for posting the words here on your site.
Posted:  23 Jan 2007 06:25
I too am 47 years old.  I also put the title of the song in a search engine to find who wrote or sang the song.  In the late 1960's I attended a Leighton Ford Crusade in Erie Pennsylvania where this song was printed up and sung.  I never forgot the words or the tune.  I heard it said recently that we will be familiar with some songs in heaven since some of the ones we sing here originated there.  " That will be glory, be glory for me."  Blessings from PA
Posted:  29 Jan 2007 17:38
Thank you for all the words to this song! I used to sing it in youth group. There were other great songs from that era that the youth of today dont know --a favotite was one  was called "I believe in you"that had as part of the lyrics--Sunday morning I read your book by colored light that came in through a pretty window picture...they passed a basket with some envelopes I just had time to write a note a note and all it said was I believe in you" Remember? Too bad they dont use these old songs!!
Posted:  01 Feb 2007 03:01
Yes, you found the one you wanted.  But the first one I thought of was the one written by Kate Ulmer, music by Hamp Sewell, from 1907.  We sang in church when I was a boy -- in the early 1950's.  Found it on "Cyberhymnal" with a title the same as the 1st line.

W. by Kate Ulmer   1907     M by Hamp Sewell
        Words also attributed to Kate Byron

1. In sin I once had wandered, All weary, sad, and lone,
Till Jesus through His mercy -- Adopted me His own.
E’er since I learned to trust Him, His grace doth make me free,
And now I feel His pardon, He’s everything to me.

He’s everything to me, From sin He sets me free,
His peace and love my portion -- Through all eternity!
He’s everything to me, More than I dreamed could be.
O praise His Name forever!  He’s everything to me.

2. In sin no more I’ll wander; He’s Pilot, Friend, and Guide;
He brings me joy and singing; His Spirit doth abide.
A blessèd, loving Savior, The Lamb of Calvary!
He purchased my redemption.  He’s everything to me.


3. No longer will I stray from -- His tender, loving care;
Like Him to be my purpose, My aim, my constant prayer.
And when He bids me welcome -- Throughout eternity,
I’ll praise His Name forever.  He’s everything to me.

Posted:  13 Feb 2007 12:29
This song has been on my mind lately. I used to sing it in youth choir in about 1967/68. I was just asking my Pastor last night if he knew it. I sang all that I could remember for him but he didn;t know it. So today out of despairation I googled it and found it here. God indeed is mindful of our needs,
Posted:  15 Feb 2007 04:30
I run the sound system at our church and the worship leader is my boss.  I was singing this song at lunch the other day and was looking for the lyrics.  Googled it and here I am.  Thank you.  Marshall Vorhies
Posted:  15 Feb 2007 07:45   Last Edited By: steveliu
Thank you all for sharing your great stories about how this song has touched you.

To answer Guest's question from a few months back, the sheet music is available in a number of compliations on SheetMusicPlus.com:

He's Everything to Me
Posted:  06 Mar 2007 07:02
I loved this song when I was growing up.  I first heard it at Mount Hermon in Santa Cruz California.    THANK YOU
Margaret A Norman
Posted:  24 Mar 2007 04:49
great site,praise the LORD. jim
Posted:  29 Mar 2007 18:07
I would like to find the music and the words to the Hymn "You never Mentioned Him to Me"
Posted:  18 May 2007 18:00
What a great web site:
W-3411-LP/WST-8411-LP - He's Everything to Me - Ray Hildebrand [1967] Turn It Over To Jesus/It's Jesus Coming For Me/It's Free/Be Kind Tryin'/What This World Needs/All My Life//He's Everything To Me/Get To Doin'/The Man/I'm Free/Good News, Children Of God Never Die/If I Live, Well Praise The Lord

I was one of 13 in a group called "The children of God" from Charleston, WVA we went to several Baptist churches to sing this song.What a fond memory I have of  Ray Hildebrand from my Missionary friends album titled "He's Everything to Me.  Does anyone know how to get a copy of the album or CD?
Posted:  27 May 2007 05:30
The only song by the name He's Every Thing To Me was sung by the Chuck Wagin Gang, and it is not the same song. I havn't heard it in years.
Posted:  30 Jun 2007 19:20
Hi, thanks for this old old teeenage song which i was looking and teach my church congregation to sing. How can have the tune and song?
Posted:  01 Jul 2007 03:31   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi Guest,

Sheet music is available in multiple complications at this site:

He's Everything To Me

God bless!
Posted:  16 Aug 2007 06:25
I first learned this song at church camp, Camp Westminster in Conyers, GA. Nice to hear it again. God bless you all, sherri
Posted:  14 Sep 2007 23:17
Posted:  16 Sep 2007 01:32
I need the Lyrics to "All My Life" by Ralph Carmichael.  Might anyone have them?
Posted:  02 Oct 2007 18:32
hi everyone,

Here's a video of He's Everything to Me by my church

enjoy and God bless :)
Posted:  02 Oct 2007 20:06
All my life, through the good or bad of life
Wether I should gain or loose, still I Choose
To live my life, every moment all for Thee
Walking oh so close to Thee
While I'm learning every day come what may
To trust in Thee
Take away the doubt that hides Thy perfect will
Give me faith instead and with Thy Spirit fill
Then all my days, be the guardian of my ways
And I'll know the glory of all Thy Love for all my days
Posted:  11 Oct 2007 01:36
We sing He's everything to me at our suday school a lot! It is so beautiful when you hear us singing it.....I absolutely love to hear the girls singing the chorus!
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