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Posted:  30 Jun 2007 16:04
Does anbody know the words to "I'll Face Nobody's Record But Mine"  I believe The Forbes Family sang it.  Thanks and God Bless.
Posted:  05 Jul 2007 00:45
Dear Connie,
Could it be the old chorus Nobody's fault but mine?

The Chorus goes:
Nobodys fault but mine(only mine)
Nobody's fault but mine.
If I don't make it and my soul be lost
It's nobody's fault but mine.

Maybe someone else has the rest if this is the one.  patcbighair@yahoo.com
Posted:  05 Jul 2007 14:12
That don't sound like it but thank you anyway.  Part of it goes.......I'll face nobody's record but my own.....When I stand on that great judgement morning.....I'll face nobody's record but mine.
Posted:  29 Aug 2007 08:56
Hello Sister,

I am a fan of Molly O' Day, though I'm only 44 and I have probably everything she ever sang.  Here are the words to this beloved Hymn.  God Bless You,
Bruce Walden

I’ll Face Nobody’s Record But Mine

When I stand on that Great Judgment Morning,
Hear the records of all that are there.
Everything is recorded in Heaven.
But this consolation we’ll share.

I’ll face nobody’s record but my own.
I’ll face nobody’s record but mine.
When I stand on that Great Judgment Morning
I’ll face nobody’s record but mine.

There’ll be people by the millions all facing
That Great Judge up there on His Throne.
We’ll not be judged then as pictures (I’m not sure if that is what she says, but that’s as close as I”ve been able to make out.)
But by that Great Record Alone.


What people say will not be mentioned,
For God Knows the intent of your heart.
You may look good in sight of the people,
But still hear Him say, “Depart.”


If you’re righteous be patient my brother,
Though misjudged by the people down here.
When we stand on that Great Judgment Morning,
Every secret will then be made clear.

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