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Posted:  06 Jun 2007 00:38
I am searching for the lyrics to this song by The Singing Cookes...it's on their new CD "Nothing Can Hold Me Here"....The song is called "What's Wrong With Living Right?"  It is a beautiful song that has so much meaning.  Can anyone help me?
Posted:  07 Jun 2007 20:13
Here is the words to this song.  It's beautiful and is so true.

Living in a cold dark world where evolution is taught by man.  They took prayer out of school and violence filled our land.  They ordered the ten commandments to be removed from their sight.  But one question I'd like to ask them what's wrong with living right?

What's wrong with living right can anybody tell me?  I'm doing what I know to do.  I'm living for Jesus, he's the way the truth.  I'm not going where I shouldn't go .  I'm serving Jesus with all of my might.  Can anybody tell me, what's wrong with living right?

You may think I'm strange, for living the way I do.  Different from this world, out of step oh, how true.  Call me crazy or insane even tell me I'm not right.  But one question I'd like to ask you, What's wrong with living right?
Posted:  20 Apr 2009 15:28
I love that song
Posted:  07 May 2009 20:59
Posted:  27 May 2009 16:24
wow totallty love this song it has tons of meaning to it u some people just dont understand the meaning of this song but the first time my boyfriend sang it at church i was totally in love with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  24 Jul 2009 05:10
do you know the chords and keys to it my mom wants me to sing & play the piano to it in church!! PLEASE HELP!!!
Posted:  02 Apr 2010 03:22
i love this song it is more true than anything!!!
Posted:  14 May 2010 22:45
i love this song so much when i sing it in church its blesses alot of people
Posted:  14 May 2010 22:46
the keys to the song is A,D, and E that is for Piano whoever is wanting to play it on piano
Posted:  20 Jul 2010 21:41
I would like to get a performance tape of that song to sing at my church!!! It is soo true these days!!!
Posted:  21 Jul 2010 00:24
This a link to a youtube video of a young lady named Sara Eller singing this song. Afterwards she gives a testimony. She is a very annointed young lady. I hope this blesses you as it did me. God Bless

Posted:  13 Oct 2010 22:40
I really like this song!  Thanks for posting the lyrics!  I have been trying to figure them out ever since I heard the song which was back in July!
Posted:  13 Mar 2011 20:20
Does anyone have the sheet music for this song     piano
what's wrong with living right
Posted:  06 May 2011 22:00
the keys to the song is A,D, and E that is for Piano whoever is wanting to play it on piano
Posted:  18 May 2011 02:15
Can you put on here the piano notes for this song on here love this song would love to sing it at church
Posted:  13 Jul 2011 04:03
what about guitar chords?
Posted:  13 Jul 2011 07:24
Who wrote that song? one of my favorite preachers sings it and I thought he wrote it.
Posted:  16 Sep 2011 01:19
i think i saw this song on youtube under roadfork house of prayer holiness church...you can check for youself though
Posted:  18 Sep 2011 01:33
The Cupps wrote what's wrong with living right
Posted:  02 Dec 2011 04:23
I love this song.  I attended a Cookes concert in October, and got to hear them sing this, I also got to meet each of them.  They are so down to earth, and sweet.  Their concert was awesome.  Their songs so heartfelt and inspiring.
Posted:  02 Dec 2011 04:27
This song is great, and the Cookes are awesome.  We have a gospel group and we do a lot of their songs.  We are singing this one for our Church this coming Sunday morning.
Posted:  24 Apr 2013 02:00
it is a great song i sing it in church alot
Posted:  07 Nov 2013 02:40
I love this song!!!
Posted:  22 Jul 2015 01:31
Here is a video of Lynn Patterson singing this thought provoking song - What's Wrong With Living Right

Posted:  11 Jan 2016 01:13
I love the song, it keeps going over and over in my head.  I would love to try to sing it in church.  we really need for folks to listen to the words.
Posted:  31 Jul 2017 09:58
Elder Wayne lawhorn sang this in his album in 1999 y'all should check it out he might have wrote it
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