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Posted:  27 May 2007 13:13
Anybody knows the Lyrics of the Song: "He Saw What I Could Be"? The first line starts like this: A loser without direction, I drifted aimlessly
Posted:  28 May 2007 16:55
A loser without direction I drifted aimlessly
On the backside of a place called nowhere forgotten by humanity
When they talked about potential they did not refer to me
For everyone could clearly see what I was I'd always be

But He saw not what I was He saw what I could be
When He reached His hand to where I was He took a chance on me
For all He had to hope for was just a possibility
Still He saw not what I was He saw what I could be

So now you know the reason I lift my hands so willingly
If He had not found me when He did I'd still be lost as lost could be
Although I'm still far from perfect I'm even further still you see
From the life I lived just yesterday before the Lord found me
Posted:  29 May 2007 11:44
Thanks a lot and i do appreciate it so much! You are a great blessing!
Posted:  11 Jun 2017 18:02
Love this song, but want the music score, as I would like to do it.
Sheet music.com and Music notes which tout having it....DON'T!
Any help from you...much appreciated.
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