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Posted:  19 Oct 2009 04:57
This is my all-time fave mass song too, and i recently discovered it's Psalm 139!  How cool is that?
Posted:  26 Nov 2009 04:40
thanks a mil!!! God bless! - mary
Posted:  26 Feb 2010 08:10
Is someone know if Yahweh you are Near is in the Bible? It is really familiar to me that i once read it in hymns or any part of the Bible, im not sure... please help..

Posted:  26 Feb 2010 20:24
It is all these years later today I researched for the lyrics to "Yaweh I know your are near"......to find the lyrics because the tune is a wonderful memory of when I sang it to my children.    I was reading Psalm 139 (my favorite) the words in the Scripture but I wanted the exact words written as Dan Schutte's gift to our world in this beautiful song.   I couldn't remember his name so thanks "guests who gave his name" I have always thanked God for his talents in music. 

God Bless All who sing this song!!!
Posted:  05 Mar 2010 20:37
anybody know where you can get free piano sheet music??????
Posted:  11 Apr 2010 05:40
i love this song very much, it guides us into the righteousness pathway thru GOD.
Posted:  18 Apr 2010 12:27
I had sing this wonderful song when i was in grade 2 sometime in 1982, i first heard it in a church, Calasiao Church during a dawn mass when my grandmother died.

i am now 37 years old and whenever i sing this beautiful miraculous song, i can not help but cry. sing this song with all your heart and you can feel GOD is only besides you. I have a chronic insomia, i tried many sleeping pills, even bought them in the United States and Canada but still my insomia did not cure it. Then one day, its just open my mouth singing this song and so I started singing this song.

every night before i sleep i see to it i sang it then after awhile i fall asleep...

God is great.
Posted:  22 May 2010 22:19
When I did my charismatic renewal quite sometime ago there are two song my group would love to sing and they are Yaweh and Amazing Grace.  It is such a perfect match made by people who believe in god.
Posted:  03 Jun 2010 02:27
thank you much...
Posted:  03 Jun 2010 02:30
GOD is good all the time.......
Posted:  17 Jul 2010 10:05   Last Edited By: steveliu
....tnx...poh.....nhanap ko  rin ung song n hinahanap ko....tnx.......
Posted:  28 Jul 2010 19:55
This song really made me feel special when I was a kid I felt so lonely, but God was telling me He was with me all the time - and He still is, thank you for the lyrics!!!
Posted:  08 Aug 2010 01:03
i am in very deep trouble right now. i wanted to find inspiration from the lord to guide me from the consequent stress of it all. i typed in the lyrics, got this thread. thank you very much for this. truly. ROLAND
Posted:  25 Aug 2010 10:26
Hi, Pls. somebody direct me to the guitar chords for this song. God bless you all!
Posted:  16 Oct 2010 12:53
Hi! there thanks a lot for posting the lyrics. Its really an inspiring and comforting song. It helps me a lot specially during those days that I'm down and feeling so lost.  Thank you & GOD Bless!  - Vangie
Posted:  17 Oct 2010 16:42
I am Leonarda I like this song very much, when I sang this song I felt that God is really present in my life. Thank you ....GBU
Posted:  04 Dec 2010 15:58
The song is right but matt has got the first name right. 'YAHWAH' meaning cause to become. Patx
Posted:  06 Dec 2010 02:06
Posted:  01 Jan 2011 16:24
This was written post Vatican II when a misinterpretation resulted in Catholics believing it was ok to use the Tetragrammaton (the real name of God).

Unfortunately the Vatican has now clarified that YHWH cannot be used in any liturgy so this beautiful rendering of a psalm can't be sung at mass any more unless you replace YHWH with another word that describes God.

http://www.catholic.org/international/interna ...
Posted:  12 Jan 2011 02:33
Posted:  19 Jan 2011 19:24
thanks steve, i hav to sing a solo of this at mass and i forgot the lyrics!!!
Posted:  06 Feb 2011 08:48
i love this song it really touch my heart.. and god is the best! he never let us down
Posted:  05 Mar 2011 22:32
Pity we can't sing this song in church anymore. 

The Catholic Church banned using Gods Personal Name in liturgy. 
e.g. The letter to the Bishops Conferences on 'the name of God', Jun 29 2008.

The lyrics of course, are from Psalm 139. 


Posted:  27 Mar 2011 00:06
Hi! My name is Ms Joji Arciaga Benavidez thanks Steve it helps me a lot. this is my favorite song since i was a little girl. and I need the lyrics of this song right now at this very moment.. God bless !
Posted:  21 Apr 2011 12:10
I just woke up with this song in my mind.  It is one of my favorite hymns.  I've never actually looked up the words.  They are beautiful
Posted:  28 Jun 2011 06:44
Thank you very much for sharing this song to people around the world and could play and sing this in times when we are happy or sad...thank you so much..
Posted:  29 Sep 2011 22:09
thank you - When I need to be reminded that he is near (which I forget he always is) - I love to sing this hymn for reassurance - isn't it just perfect  0

Posted:  18 Nov 2011 05:41
thank you so much for posting this song, i've been looking for the songs lyrics but i find it hard,but now i already have i'm so happy .........
i sing parts of this song when i was in high school....
thanks a lot......

with love
Posted:  19 Nov 2011 22:53
I thank God for letting Steve post the lyrics of this song and for letting this song shake us in so many ways. Peace be with each one of us!
Posted:  15 Jan 2012 07:46   Last Edited By: steveliu
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