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Posted:  04 Feb 2008 14:01
I am really touched to this song... I belong to a choir in our Parish... and this is the song that we sing during communion and if you guys will hear the voicing and the way we sing it... your tears will surely ran down... by the way i am at Malasiqui Pangasinan Philippines... if you want to hear it, just come... email me at teejay@sunsoftsys.com

Posted:  05 Feb 2008 05:32
Hi Teejay,

Do you have a recording by any chance? I have always wanted to visit the Philippines, but never got the chance. Until then, I would love to put a link to it here.

God bless!
Posted:  06 Feb 2008 15:11
hello Steve,
i will try to record the song when i have the time... coz by now, our parsih youth coordinator is busy but i will try my best... actually, choirs here are great... i wish you will find time to visit...
, Teejay
Posted:  06 Feb 2008 15:12
we also have so many good songs in our own language and especially the power of your love and memorare...
,teejay again
Posted:  12 Feb 2008 05:54
Thank you for the lyrics. This song is very helpful especially when I'm alone.
Posted:  13 Feb 2008 07:15
thanks.. and more power..
Posted:  22 Feb 2008 06:54
thanks also for posting the lyrics of this song. this is one of my favorite songs in high school 20 years ago. it is a song for a lifetime. - Dr. S
Posted:  22 Feb 2008 16:27
im elvin, a student from the Philippines.. thanx 4 posting the lyrics.. i love this song and always sing this even without lyrics.. God Bless Us All
Posted:  14 Apr 2008 02:41
Thanks for the lyrics. iwas singing the song but i can't finish it because i don't know the exact words. i find this song very comforting,especially when i'm troubled like now.
Posted:  15 Apr 2008 08:02
thanks for the lyrics...our preacher sang this  song last sunday..now that im focusing my life to god i find it very meaningful to my life. thank you for providing me the lyrics...
Posted:  22 Apr 2008 00:34
Me too! Used this when I was worship leader decades ago, but had lost track of my copy of the words. What a blessing that someone finally put it on the web where I could find it! May God bless you exponentially for this blessing to me and apparently a lot of others! Felicity, on Maui
Posted:  23 Jul 2008 20:59
This song is sung frequently at "Walk to Emmaus" gatherings. It is one of the favorites and most requested.
Posted:  26 Jul 2008 09:11
where can I go to hear the song on the internet?
Posted:  26 Jul 2008 17:37
A lot of the most popular hymns requested on this site, including this one, can be heard here:

http://www.namethathymn.com/favorite-hymn-dow ...

Just scroll to the very bottom, and navigate to the very last video. You'll hear a very nice version of You Are Near.

God bless,
Posted:  11 Aug 2008 07:19
Interestingly, the Vatican has just prohibited the use of songs and hymns with the Hebrew name of God ( Yah___). So, if the song has a use in a Catholic setting, it may need to be changed. What is a good substitute?  "Father"?
Posted:  13 Aug 2008 01:17
The appropriate word to use when reading or singing the Tetragrammaton, as is made very clear in the statement by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments, is "Lord".

It amazes me that people gush about how much they love this "song", and pay so little attention to the inspired psalm (Psalm 139) of which it is only a poor paraphrase..
Posted:  19 Aug 2008 00:28
ths is one of my favorite prasing songs. its nice and sweet. We sang this song when my dad passed away and it gave my heart this healing inside. Thanks for putting it on here.  Carol
Posted:  19 Oct 2008 09:51
i love this song...
Posted:  30 Dec 2008 04:41
so do i got stocked in my brain.....but its so nice to listen into it
so calm, it will make me cry too
Posted:  03 Jan 2009 19:40
i love this hymn....I feel God in this hymn
Posted:  19 Jan 2009 10:43
Hi steve,
thank you so much for the lyrics. You know ive searching many times. and i finally found.
Posted:  27 Jan 2009 18:38
God Bless you for posting the lyrics!!!  Yahweh is with you!
Posted:  25 Feb 2009 10:51
Hello Admin,

Can you help me fing the Lyrics with Chords of the following Hymns:

1. Now we remain
2. I am the Living Bread

Both from David Haas....

Thank you very much for your kindness...

God Bless you always
Posted:  20 May 2009 23:32
i really love this song. ot touches my heart. and i love GOD more
Posted:  04 Jun 2009 12:05
i love this song! thanks for posting.
Posted:  15 Jun 2009 08:20
I sung this song when I was younger, and it truley is a song of insperation, and explains God presence in our life better than any other song I know!

God Bless
Posted:  18 Aug 2009 13:57
thank you steve.I love this song.my teacher in music said that we will sing that song.I'm from the philipines.
Posted:  17 Sep 2009 03:59
thank you for this Steve!
this is really helpful...i love the song..
Posted:  11 Oct 2009 14:38
Yes i finally found this song! thank you steve

Posted:  11 Oct 2009 14:40
thank you claro, you made me an idea to search this song

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