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Posted:  20 May 2005 06:08   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi! This is Steve, otherwise known as "The Hymn Detective".

I'm the editor of a hymnal, and I love hymns. A few years ago, I started this Web site, reaching out to the Internet community to help me find some "lost" hymn lyrics.

Since then, I've found that a lot of folks out there love hymns too. So I thought I'd give a little back. In the past few weeks, I've been privileged to be able to track down lyrics for some very nice people who contacted me via e-mail: Peter, Terry, Dennis, Karl, and Joyce. I would love to try to help you too.

You can feel free to just post your request on the board. To post a new request, click here.

Include in your post as much information as you know of the hymn -- any lyrics you remember (even sporadic words or phrases), the melody, a possible title, where and when you remember singing it, etc. The more clues you provide, the better the chances of me finding it.  And be sure to include the title or the key phrase in the Title of your post!

I can't guarantee that every request will be found, but the terrific members of this community and I will certainly give it our best shot. And if you are a fellow hymn afficianados, by all means, you are encouraged to join in the search!

You can post as either a guest or a registered member. (I'll keep the guest option open as long as there is no abuse).

May the Lord bless you, and may His name be glorified.

Posted:  15 Oct 2005 02:27   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi everyone,

To post a new request, please CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom. It'll say "Post a New Topic" there. Thanks

Don't forget to include the Title (or some of the lyrics you remember) in the title of the post...that'll help get attention to it more quickly from members of the fourm who might know it.

Posted:  30 Mar 2009 03:59   Last Edited By: steveliu

Hi again everyone,

Just wanted to provide some more tips to make your search more fruitful.

1) Before you post, use the onsite search function to look for your hymn first (scroll to the top of the page, select "Search" from the top blue navigation bar, type in your search phrase next to "Search For", and click "Search" button. It's possible someone has requested it already.

2) Please put the name of the hymn or the words you remember in the title of the post. Since everyone is looking for lyrics, avoid a title that says just "looking for lyrics" or "help"

3) Please keep your requests to one hymn request per post.

4) If you are reading a thread about one hymn, please keep the discussion to that hymn. If you wish to start a discussion about a separate hymn, please do so in a new thread.
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