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Posted:  18 May 2007 18:16
I am looking for the title of a song with words like ....Abba You are the potter and I am the clay the work the work of your hands?
Thanks so much for this web site....
Posted:  18 May 2007 19:13
Abba Father
Abba, Abba Father, You are the potter, We are the clay, the work of Your hands.

Mold us, mold us and fashion us
Into the image of Jesus Your Son,
Of Jesus your Son.


Father, may we be one in You,
May we be one in You,
As He is in You and You are in Him.


Glory, Glory and praise to You,
Glory and praise to You,
Forever, Amen, Forever Amen.

Posted:  20 Sep 2007 10:05
love this song
Posted:  25 Dec 2007 09:31
fred hammond ~ You are the living word
Posted:  28 Sep 2008 01:53
I was so happy to find the lyrics to "Potter and Clay".  I had been searching under "Abba, Father," and came up with many lyrics but not the ones I was looking for.
Now, I am looking for the tune.  I would like to share this hymn with my pastor, but I'm not a singer!  Can anyone supply the music?
Thank you.
Posted:  21 Feb 2009 22:57
My father & I Love this song.  He wanted this sung at his funeral recently, and it was.
Posted:  21 Feb 2009 23:03
Does anyone know who wrote this song?  I believe it was a pastor, but am not certain.   Also would like to download it being performed.  Does anyone know who may sing it?
Posted:  25 Mar 2009 12:56
we sing this song at school and it heart warming
Posted:  11 Apr 2009 03:29
Check this site --
bba, Abba, Father.
You are the potter; we are the clay,
the work of your hands.
1. Mold us, mold us and fashion us
into the image of Jesus, your Son,
of Jesus, your Son.
2. Father, may we be one in you.
May we be one in you as he is in you,
and you are in him.
3. Glory, glory and praise to you.
Glory and praise to you forever, amen,
forever, amen.
Posted:  04 Jun 2009 20:56
the name of the song is "Abba! Father", not potter and clay
check out
http://www.spiritandsong.com/musicondemand/so ...
to listen
http://www.ocp.org/search?query=abba+father&a ...
to purchase
Carey Landry has many songs which we love to sing and use at St Francis of Assisi in Mojave, CA
also check out  "And the Father will Dance" listen to the sample at ocp.org, one I would like at my funeral some day long from now I hope.  A friend used it at his. 
Check out Carey Landry's music link below listen to full songs
http://www.ocp.org/search?page_type=song& ...  
more links below
Isaiah 49 http://www.ocp.org/songs/11116
Lay Your Hands http://www.ocp.org/songs/11119
Hail Mary: Gentle Woman http://www.ocp.org/songs/1529/mp3
Abba! Father http://www.ocp.org/songs/1438/products
And the Father will Dance http://www.ocp.org/songs/11075
Posted:  04 Jun 2009 21:44
another good OCP.org song for children is
"Children run joyfully" http://www.ocp.org/songs/1412
we use it at St Francis of Assisi Mojave, CA, Childrens Christmas Mass
Posted:  20 Apr 2010 23:34
The song that we sing at church is by Carey Landry.
Posted:  01 Aug 2010 16:40
I am Protestant but first heard this wonderful song at a meeting of Spirit Filled Catholics at Varsity Stadium, way back when. It was a lifechanging celebration
Beryl Jeffs, Aurora Ontario
Posted:  15 Aug 2010 00:24
Potter and the clay

Potter hear the clay, saying mold me in Thy way
that I may share this love instilled in me.
With skillful hands perfom the task, just like Thee.
Lord all I ask, and Father let your spirit breathe on me.

I'm just a handful of clay, the potter found along the way
And I'll never know just what He seen in me.

There is more to this but I can't get the word right. If anyone has the correct words and knows who recorded it, please let me know.
Posted:  09 Feb 2011 14:43
This song is sung in Prisons across this land as it's a favorite of "Kairos International Prision Ministry" and first touched my heart on my "Walk to Emmaus"
Posted:  25 Feb 2011 02:47
My father and I use to sing this every Father's day at church in the folk group.  It makes me remember him, I miss him so much.
Posted:  29 Nov 2011 02:43
the lyrics are good but the first couple words are abba abba father not abba father so ill give you 7/10
Posted:  24 Jun 2012 17:36
Have Thine Own Way Lord, talks about Thou art the Potter I am the clay. This maybe the song your thinking of.
Posted:  17 Nov 2012 01:40
I love ABBA (the swedish band) and i love Harry Potter (the brilliant tale of a young wizard) so when i typed in "ABBA father" (i typed in ABBA f and that came up so  clicked it, i meant to put ABBA fernando because i need the lyrics) and the lyrics "ABBA father you are the potter" came up i thought someone has read my mind, it turns out it's a hymn. But what i would like to know is what the ABBA part means and when this song was witten and by who?
Posted:  18 Nov 2012 09:44   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi Guest,

I enjoy a few ABBA songs as well as the Harry Potter stories myself But to answer your question, the word "Abba" predates the Swedish band by a few thousand years

It's actually an Aramaic word that's an endearing form for "father", much like the word "daddy" or "papa" is in English. It's mentioned a few times in the Bible.

The first time is in the garden of Gethsemane when Jesus is pleading with God to spare him from the agony of crucifixion, he starts his prayer with "Abba, Father" (that's in Mark 14:36).

In Romans 8:15 and Galatians 4:6, the apostle Paul talks about how when we receive and live by the Holy Spirit, we are set free from being controlled by our sins, and become the children of God who no longer need to fear condemnation. At that point we have a new intimacy with God where we can pray to Him and call out "Abba, Father", as a child calls out to his or her dad. The chapter in Romans is definitely one of the most powerful ones in the Bible.

As others in the thread have mentioned, the particular song here was written by Carey Landry, and is a contemporary retelling of the prophet Isaiah's words of Isaiah 64:8 (echoed by the Apostle Paul in Romans 9:21), comparing us to clay and God to the potter (i.e., someone who makes pots out of clay). It's a way of explaining that we are all put here on earth for a specific purpose.

Incidentally, J.K. Rowling derived Harry Potter's last name from the phrase "potter's field" which is also in the Bible. Judas Iscariot (the disciple who betrayed Jesus) was buried in a potter's field (a piece of land that couldn't grow agriculture and thus was relegated to making clay for pots). Over the years the phrase "potter's field" has become synonymous with a cemetery where a city would bury people with no families. J.K. Rowling was pretty clever in that she chose a name that was associated with a curse (Judas) as well as being an orphan (potter's field).

Hope this helps, and hope you enjoyed the impromptu Bible class

God bless,
Posted:  16 Dec 2012 01:10
Wow, i never knew that, thanks. That part about ABBA meaning father is really interesting. And about where J.K. Rowling got Potter from. Thank you so much.
Posted:  13 Nov 2013 16:18
The full lyrics to Potter and the Clay are posted below.  This is one of my favorite songs to sing.

Potter hear the clay saying “mold me in Thy way”
That I may share this love instilled in me
Skillful hands perform the task
Just like Thee Lord is all I ask
And Father let your spirit breathe on me

I’m just a handful of clay
The potter found along the way
And I’ll never know what Jesus sees in me
But I won’t try to understand
Just be yielding in Your hands
and all I ask dear Lord is let me be like Thee

Now when my trials just harden me
That others may see my faith in Thee
Oh Lord don’t let me be away too far
I’ve been so filled up to the brim
Spilling your love all over me
Oh Lord I long to be more like thee

I’m just a handful of clay
The potter found along the way
And I’ll never know what Jesus sees in me
But I won’t try to understand
Just be yielding in Your hands
and all I ask dear Lord is let me be like Thee

I’m just a handful of clay
The potter found along the way
And I’ll never know what Jesus sees in me
But I won’t try to understand
Just be yielding in Your hands
and all I ask dear Lord is let me be like Thee

All I ask dear Lord is let me be like Thee
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