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Posted:  12 Dec 2005 07:52
We sang this song in our Christmas cantata back in the early '80s. The lyrics are as follows:

That night in all of heaven,
There wasn't a sound
As God and the angels watched the earth.
For there in a stable, the Father's only Son
...........(can't remember that line)

Chorus: Then the Heaven's exploded and ..... (can't remember that either)
And the angels spilled over Heaven's edge and filled the air.
And the Father rejoiced
For He did not lose His Son
But He gained to Himself
Forever those who'd come!

Does anyone know the name of the cantata? I've racked my brain and Google for several years now.
Posted:  21 Dec 2005 07:26
I wish I could answer the question.  I googled the song, and all I found was your question!  But I can give you the full lyrics. 


That night in all of Heaven there wasn't a sound
As God and the angels watched the Earth.
For there, in a stable the Father's only Son
Chose to give Himself through human birth.
And when the cry of a baby pierced the universe
Once for all, men were shown their worth.

And the heavens exploded, with music everywhere.
And the angels spilled over heaven's edge and filled the air.
And the Father rejoiced, for He did not lose His Son,
But He gained to Himself forever those who'd come.
Posted:  24 Dec 2005 20:12
I'm also looking for this song.  The only phrase I recalled was "Angels spilled over heaven's edge and glory filled the air."
Posted:  24 Dec 2006 05:04
Don't know the Cantata as of yet, but I'm singing the song tomorrow morning, Christmas Eve.  It's called "That Night" with words and music by John W. Thompson.  My arrangement is by Ronn Huff, and it's copyrighted 1976 in general and 1978 for this particular arrangement by Paragon Music Corp and ASCAP International.  If I find out which Cantata, I'll post it.
Posted:  26 Jun 2007 23:11
Where did you find your arrangement by Ronn Huff?  Is it a piano arrangement or on an accompanyment track?  PLEASE let me know.  I am searching for this beautiful song as well.

Thank you and God bless,

  Kitty L.
Posted:  20 Oct 2007 16:13
Hello.  Guest here.  I have been searching for this song since the early 70's.  My daughter's school performed it one Christmas season, with 3 combined school choirs...about 250 kids and members of the Denver Symphony helping out their orchestra.   The concert was recorded on vinyl, but unfortunately, without a song list.  It was recorded as is, with coughing people and crying babies in the background.   Still worth listening too, though.  I later transferred it to cassette.

So every Christmas season I find myself at the counters with the inexpensive music collections, searching for any that have a title that might even be close to it.  I've spent a fair amount of money bringing home those cassettes, only to be disappointed.  Then a few years ago I was able to start searching for it via the web.

This is the most information I have been able to find out about the song in all these years!  I've tried google with the information here, but I'm still not finding anything else.

So here I am, reviving an old thread, in the hopes that more information has been found by the members here.
Posted:  27 Oct 2007 17:59
I decided to register so it's me.  "Guest here".  I was able to find out this much:

Paragon discography list:


PR-33056 - Now...This Is Christmas - Truth [1978] Here We Come A' Caroling-Caroling, Caroling/Do You Hear What I Hear?/Go Tell It On The Mountain/Come To My Heart, Lord Jesus/The Birthday Of A King-O Come, All Ye Faithful//Christmas Day, So Long Ago/How Great Our Joy/Jesus Christ And Bethlehem (Have All Been Left Behind)-Silent Night/That Night/For Unto Us A Child Is Born

Posted:  26 Nov 2007 03:13
Mommabear - you've helped me tremendously!

The name of the Cantata is "Unto us a Son is Born".  There's a site that will make a copy of the music for you - but it comes at a price.  I've tried to get in contact with the Marietta Community Choir which sang this Cantata as late as 2000 - but they are apparently defunct.

VERY frustrating - but good to know I'm not alone in my frustration!
Posted:  01 Dec 2007 03:02
The contata is actually "Unto Us A Child is Born". Distributed by Alexandria House in Alexandria Indiana. It was item # PPM50017. Words & Music by John W. Thompson, SATB Choir by Ronn Huff.
Posted:  01 Dec 2007 15:19
If anybody would like to hear it again for old time's sake, here's the mp3 from my daughter's concert.  It's cleaned up a little bit (scratchiness etc) and the applause is still at the end.  But it's not bad.

http://rapidshare.com/files/65568034/01._That ...
Posted:  23 Nov 2008 21:33
the title is That Night arr. by Ronn Huff. It is part of a total christmas collection by his titled Unto Us a Child is Born.
Posted:  22 Dec 2008 00:36
a wonderful song!   Just imagine God and the angels watching the earth in anticipation, and the heavens exploding with music and the angels spilling out over heavens edge and filling the air ........angels from the realm of glory,...angels we have heard on high, Gloria in Excelsis Deo! And the Father rejoicing because He didnt lose His Son, but He did gain to Himself forever those who'd come, even me.
Posted:  25 Dec 2008 04:29
I still have the song book from church when we performed it in the 70's.
Posted:  26 Dec 2008 22:28
I sang this at Central Cabarrus High School in North Carolina over 20 yrs ago and loved "That Night"
So glad to find this site with the lyrics.  I remember it was such a beautiful song in full choir.
I could only remember part of the song.
Posted:  05 Sep 2009 15:25
Wallace Memorial Baptist Church in Knoxville performed "That Night" at the 25th Anniversary performance of the Living Christmas Tree in 1996 (or 1997?).  I don't think there is a recording of it, but as I was singing on the Tree that year, here's my lovely story about it!

The music director invited all the Tree alumni back for the Candlelight Performance (the final Sunday night performance out of the 10 performances) of the LCT that year--we had an afternoon rehearsal with about 80 Tree alumni to go over the two 'special' songs for the end of the service.  Plus, the 100-member adult choir and 80-member choir of MS/HS kids on the Tree.  So, about 300 people were in the mass choir for the end of the program. 

One of the songs for the Candlelight was "Everlasting Light Medley" from Claire Cloninger and Mark Hayes' Everlasting Light.  The other was "That Night" from Huff's Unto Us a Child is Born

The Tree about shook apart, we were singing so exuberantly on that song, I was on the 6th or 7th row from the bottom out maybe 9?  The words just speak volumes, plus, anytime you put live singers with a live orchestra, the praise level jumps up two notches on the "wow" scale.

I still have the Learning Tape from that year, I just have to transfer it to CD at some point.  It has a recording of an original LCT doing the song, too, just like mommabear's choir did.

Here's the rub: I'm now a church choir director, and I inquired at WMBC about borrowing the Cantata to use that anthem on Christmas at my church.  Guess what?  The basement flooded about 10 years ago, and the choir room/music library is in the basement.  They lost just about all of their music (orchestra scores and arrangements, tapes, octavos...) in the flood.  I'm still waiting for a reply on if they managed to salvage this Cantata.  I will post again soon with an .mp3 of our recording if I can manage to get it transferred.

God Bless you in your own searches!
Posted:  09 Oct 2009 21:29
anybody still looking for this?  it's from a cantata called 'unto us a child is born' by Ron Huff - wonderful cantata!
Posted:  02 Dec 2009 21:49
Yes, I'm looking. Any insight someone can provide. I'm glad to pay a copy service.
Posted:  16 Dec 2009 05:16
I too am looking for a recording of this.  I have it on a cassette tape - if anyone can tell me how to transfer it to CD I'd be happy to share it.  I fear the recording is getting old and want to safe it.  I sang this wonderful cantata many years ago and the last piece, That Night, still brings me to tears.
Posted:  21 Dec 2009 20:11
Hello - yes - please I can help you transfer this recording - I'm the Technical Director at the Performing Arts Center in Wenatchee, WA - google us and you can get my contact info.  I was a kid in Colorado Springs when my parents sang this fantastic song with orchestra tracks.  I direct a women's choir now and wrote an SSAA arrangement for them (Fortunately I still have the music book with that entire collection on it - another great piece is "The Jesus Gift") BUT==== I'm desperate to play the full version with symphony for them...

please let me help you!!! thanks! Don
Posted:  26 Dec 2009 20:29
This music piece is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard perfomed in my life! When we lived near Houston, we would attend the huge First Baptist Church's Christmas programs in the 1980's and they performed that song. I bought the cassette, and think that I still have it and if I can find it, I am going to have it made into a CD. And I do think the name of it is "That Night." It is just a most inspiring song!
Posted:  04 Jan 2010 17:22
I was in the Oklahoma Baptist Festival Choir that recorded this song on June 1-2, 1978, for the original album. "That Night" was my favorite!
Posted:  05 Feb 2010 05:31
So does anyone have music and/or accompaniment for this?  I don't know the song, but love the lyrics.  I'm 1/3 of a women's trio and we are always looking for great, meaningful music.

I'm also looking for music and/or accompaniment for the cantata "Everlasting Light: A Christmas Carol for a Dark World."  Love the song "Light of a Million Mornings" in that one.

Also looking for a song called "Small Wonder" from a Christmas cantata, the name of which I can't recall.  The lyrics are:

Small wonder, tiny miracle; Simple beginning of such a mighty plan.
Small wonder, tiny miracle; Holy God became a man."  etc.

Posted:  13 May 2010 18:21
I also sang this song at Central Cabarrus High School in the late 80's, I never forgot it, it was one of my favorite songs that we did. I couldn't remember all the lyrics either.
Posted:  11 Aug 2010 22:47
I am looking for the accompaniment of the Light of a Million mornings. Does anyone have the CD version of it or a high quality mp3?


Posted:  20 Sep 2010 05:52
We also sang "Unto Us a Child is Born" which has "That Night" as the finale.
It was arranged for Festival Choir and Orchestra by Ronn Huff.  I purchased the reel to reel accompaniment recording, but alas times changed and the tape is no more.  I tried to contact the publisher thinking the master of the recording would still exist somewhere and could again be purchased.

That company is tango uniform and unavailable.  The only hope is if some other party kept a tape and could transfer it to CD.  I'm in for fifty bucks if anyone does.  Also I have a copy of the Cantata.

Posted:  12 Oct 2010 01:10
I have been looking for this song since the first and only time I heard it at my children's Christmas play at their school in the 80's.  I have never found anything on it until now and I would love to find the music.  Does anyone have a copy of the sheet music, or a tape?  It is the most beautiful Christmas song I have ever heard.
Posted:  14 Oct 2010 17:38
Looking for the composer/arranger of the musical, "Images of Christmas, Suites 1-4.  Publisshed by Alexandria House out of Alexandria, Indiana.

Thanks!! Gib Rogers

Posted:  23 Nov 2010 07:03
I sang "That Night" in high school, and I haven't been able to find it anywhere on the internet, Youtube, or Itunes I do have the sheet music though!!!
Posted:  20 Dec 2010 08:32
To the guest from Wallace Memorial....I probably know you...I performed on the Tree for 10 years and was at the 25th anniversary performance.

To answer you question about the sheet music....WMBC no longer has it. Once the new choir director took over, he gave away the majority of the music amassed prior to his arrival. I know of a church near Rogersville that recieved some.

I had always wondered why they no longer performed this song...as we all loved it so much. I find it a shame.
Posted:  20 Dec 2010 17:08
Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Homewood (Birmingham), Alabama includes "That Night" in their Candlelight service every year.  I attended it last night and found this thread while searching for the song.  Hard to believe that the only recording on the entire internet is mommabear's (thanks for that, by the way!).

I will check with the folks at Dawson and see if they've recorded it, and if so I will return to let y'all know.

Merry Christmas!

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