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Posted:  12 Dec 2005 06:55
Don't know the title, but there is a phrase, "let thy mantal fall on me" and another one about "double portion".  Anyone know the title of the hymn?

Thanks, Eileen
Posted:  13 Dec 2005 05:00
Hi Eileen,

There is a contemporary song by Floyd Hawkins called "Let Thy Mantle Fall on Me", based on 2 Kings 2. Not sure if this is it...the lyrics go something like this:

1. Elijah was God's prophet;
Elisha stood close by,
And ere the prophet left him,
He heard his servant cry:

Let thy mantle fall on me;
Let thy mantle fall on me.
A double portion of Thy Spirit, Lord,
Let thy mantle fall on me."

Then Elijah made the promise that,
if faithful he would be,
His petition would be granted
And God's glory he would see…

Hope this is it!

God bless,
Posted:  04 May 2008 14:18
I see that this message was written in 2005. I am so glad it is still on the web. I woke up in the night and was trying to remember this exact song. Our Sunday School lesson this morning is on Elijah and Elisha. Thanks for the lyrics. Now I can go back to sleep.

God bless,

Posted:  06 May 2008 23:08
There is another Hymn by the title " Give Me A Double Portion"
written by Videt Polk and Rev. Bobby Burnett
copyright 1964
Have the words if anyone needs them!!
Posted:  05 Jun 2008 06:23
I think the song by Floyd Hawkins was the song sung by the Life Bible College graduation class of 1965.  Only I thought it might have been by Jack Hayford.  Oh, well . . . I think the words are the right words.
Jeanie B.
Posted:  23 Jun 2008 23:46
This is another  one too,if anyone wants it.

                                       " Give  Me Lord  A  Double  Portion"

I.   Long ago in days of old,stood a man of God we're told,as he talked to
     Elijah  that day.   One request  he did repeat standing at  Elijah's feet.
     Give me Lord, a double portion from thee.

     Give me Lord, a double portion,pour thy spirit on me.   Through eyes of
     faith thy wonderous  works I now can see.   But I need a helping hand
     in this troubled,sinful land.   Give me Lord a double portion from thee.

II.  Lord,I  always to thee pray, just for strenght  from  day to day,to ask  what
     I  shall  do  for thee.   This request  I now repeat,standing at  the master's
     feet.   A   double  portion,this fight must be won.

    Repeat  chorus
Posted:  29 Jun 2008 00:17
Thanks. But how can I get the tune?
Posted:  29 Jun 2008 00:21
I believe the verses of the hymn 'Elijah was God's prophet are more than two. I'll be glad if  I can get the entire hymn as well as the tune. Thanks.
Posted:  09 Mar 2009 20:05
In the first answer, for sign language purposes, could mantle be signed blessings?
Posted:  26 Nov 2009 14:49
yo la tengo en español se llama " que tu manto caiga en mi" let thy amntle fall on me"
Posted:  12 Jul 2010 07:45
Holiness Data Ministry PowerPoint Slides    Let Thy Mantle Fall on Me 02 · Life's Railway to Heaven. Life's Railway to Heaven. Life's Railway to Heaven 02 · Lifes Railway To Heaven 03 ...

If anyone is still looking for this hymn, this is a power point with photos and instrumental but has the words posted also.
Posted:  11 Aug 2010 20:15
I have the sheet music in front of me for "Give me a double portion"  Copyright 1964, by Stampe-Baxter Music & printing Co., in "Winning Songs"
Posted:  25 Oct 2010 17:08
Our choir learned performed this last week, it was apparently a signature song of the early Keswick Conventions, full hymn below:

Elijah was God's prophet
Elisha stood close by
And ere the prophet left him
He heard his servant cry

Let thy mantle fall on me
Let thy mantle fall on me
A double portion of thy spirit Lord
Let thy mantle fall on me

Then Elijah made the promise
That if faithful he would be
His petition would be granted
And God's glory he would see

Let thy mantle fall on me
Let thy mantle fall on me
A double portion of thy spirit Lord
Let thy mantle fall on me

As Elijah rose to heaven
In a chariot of fire
He did not forget his servant
Who expressed one strong desire

Let thy mantle fall on me
Let thy mantle fall on me
A double portion of thy spirit Lord
Let thy mantle fall on me

In the upper room they waited
'Twas the faithful Christian band
And their prayer was heard and answered
Over in the glory land

Let thy Spirit fall on me
Let thy Spirit fall on me
The promised blessing may it be outpoured
Let thy Spirit fall on me

That prayer of early Christians
Long ago and far away
Is the cry of all God's children
And He's just the same today

Let thy Spirit fall on me
Let thy Spirit fall on me
The promised blessing may it be outpoured
Let thy Spirit fall on me
Posted:  03 Dec 2010 06:30
Wonderful to see my father's song (Let Thy Mantle Fall on Me) still being mentioned!  He was a wonderful man.
Posted:  30 Sep 2011 21:52
I'm trying to find the words and music to Let Thy Mantle Fall on Me by Floyd Hawkins - can some one direct me?  My uncle passed away today and that was one of his favorite songs.  His wife would like it for his funeral next week.  Does anybody know if anyone recorded that song?

Posted:  20 Apr 2012 07:19
Floyd Hawkins was my Grandpa.  It's wonderful to see that his beautiful music is still living on.  He would be very proud!
Posted:  22 Apr 2013 19:39
I'm thankful for the words but does anyone's ow how to play it? If so can you please post chords for it, it would be greatly appreciated!
Posted:  16 Dec 2013 09:08
It is so wonderful to see this posting about one of Floyd Hawkins' song.  He wrote my favorite hymn, "The Crystal Fountain."  He was a guest lecturer when I was in bible college years ago in Colorado Springs, CO.  I know it is silly, but, like a fan, I told him how much I loved that tune & asked him to autograph my hymnal (Worship in Song; Lillenas Publishing Company).  Again, silly, I still refer to it as my "Official Floyd Hawkins Hymnal."  I used it the entire time I spent in the ministry.
Posted:  16 Dec 2013 09:16
Does anyone know how I can get the chords to "Let Thy Mantle Fall on Me"?  By the way, I wouldn't mind having chords to "Crystal Fountain" too!
God Bless.  I'm glad to have found this site!
Posted:  16 Dec 2013 14:00
Hopefully someone can supply you with the chords
but if not or until then I trust this will be helpful:

For the chords to Let Thy Mantel Fall on Me
http://chordify.net/chords/let-your-mantle-fa ...
and this for Crystal Fountain
http://chordify.net/chords/the-crystal-founta ...
Posted:  29 Aug 2014 06:01
Here's a guy singing it, at least you can get the tune. It's much better by a choir.

Posted:  29 Aug 2014 06:08
I found it on Amazon under "The third festival of evangelical Choirs"
Posted:  25 Jan 2015 23:37
I found "Let Thy Mantle Fall on Me" in an old hymnbook a friend of mine has. The hymnal is out of print. Is this song still published anywhere that I could buy it?
Posted:  18 Apr 2016 00:27
I just found the music for "Let Thy Mantle Fall On Me available in a collection called "Solos From the Word" which is for sale by JW Pepper Company.  The price of the entire book/collection is around $29.
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