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Posted:  03 May 2007 00:46
I have been very fortunate to receive a CD of my mother singing a solo at one of her friend's wedding which took place about 60 years ago.  The CD was made from a record that this friend had made of her wedding.  My mother was killed in a car accident 48 years ago and I had not heard her voice since then until last night--several circumstances made this miracle happen.  I am wondering if the words to this hymn are available.
Posted:  10 May 2007 02:17
The first line of the hymn I am looking for is "I'll walk beside you through the world today".
Posted:  21 May 2007 12:32
I'll walk beside you
Language: ENGLISH

I'll walk beside you through the world today,
While dreams and songs and flowers bless your way,
I'll look into your eyes and hold your hand,
I'll walk beside you through the golden land.

I'll walk beside you through the world tonight,
Beneath the starry skies ablaze with light,
And in your heart love's tender words I'll hide.
I'll walk beside you through the eventide.

I'll walk beside you through the passing years,
Through days of cloud and sunshine, joy and tears,
And when the great call comes, the sunset gleams,
I'll walk beside you to the land of dreams.
Posted:  21 May 2007 12:33
Betty I hope this is a help Claud.
Posted:  22 Apr 2015 20:38
Betty. I played this for my Aunt's wedding in 1974. The lyrics I remember are different, but we did do a flute solo and piano accompaniment. These are how the words remain with me. I'll walk beside you in this world today. I'll walk beside you as we go our way. And when the morning light shall meet the dew. I'll walk beside you for your whole life through.~~~         I'll walk beside you as we go our way, I'll walk beside you in the world today. And if the evening light shall fail to shine. I'll walk beside you fore ever moore.                                                                                                         
        This is how I remember the lyrics to the book being that I played from. Imagine over the years more lyrics have been added. I will look in the hymnal and see if the words are there. Well, since we played piano and flute at the wedding, maybe I have made up the lyrics through the years.  Really is a beautiful song!
I will try to record it some
more tomorrow!!
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