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Posted:  29 Nov 2005 00:26
I only know part of the lyrics as follow:

he's only a baby, he'll grow to a man, he'll ask you to finish the work that he began.

if you have any idea what this chorus may be from please email peter_dramatic_student@hotmail.com

ta much xxx

bless you
Posted:  13 Dec 2005 21:18
I sang this in junior school 30 years ago as part of a Christmas play. I too  am trying to find out about it, so if you get any more info please let me know!
Posted:  04 Sep 2008 18:51
I too am trotting down memory lane about this piece of music does anyone know the full title?

God Bless
Posted:  21 Sep 2008 23:57
The words are from a musical play called "Only a Baby" and I too am trying to find the music for the whole thing because I have lost the copy I had many years ago!
Posted:  29 Sep 2008 11:23
Have found the words and music.  If you would like a copy please email me on penharvin@hotmail.com with a postal address and I will happily forward it.
Posted:  02 Jan 2009 01:40
I wonder if you are able to e-mail the words and music? Forgive me, I don't mean to offend but I'm not comfortable with giving out my postal address.
Posted:  10 Nov 2009 04:12
Don't wait for an angel,
Or wish upon a star,
Face up to life's realities,
Dreaming never gets you far,
Look towards the future,
With golden years ahead,
And never forget, that happiness, came from a cattle shed,

He's only a baby,
He'll grow to a man,
He'll ask you to finish, the work, that he began.
Posted:  16 Dec 2010 21:18
I am glad I am not the only one looking for this! It has bugged me for years. I am 31 years old and sang this at about the age of 8. Seeing it now brings back some memories.
Strange how we all remember the same line (the chorus I know).

There is another one that has bugged me, it goes like this:

We musn't forget! No we musn't forget! To-say-a-great-big-thank-you, we musn't forget.

Bit of a long shot I know but I thought I'd ask.
Posted:  16 Dec 2010 21:23
Found it, Never mind, it was called Autumn Days.

For anyone who cares:

Posted:  23 Dec 2010 13:30
I have recently managed to order a copy of this musical (wasn't easy to find!!) and if anyone should want a copy of the manuscript, which is due to arrive with me soon, then send your details to onlythestrongestwillsurvive@hotmail.com and I will post the copy to you. Postage cost in UK probably £2.00
Posted:  22 Feb 2012 15:40
lol.  This song brings back great memories as i also sang it in primary school many years ago.  It is the second verse that i can't completely remember - can anyone help?

show him you are worthy
of all his holiness
always treat others as he would
with patient kindliness
Follow in his footsteps
came on Christmas Day
Posted:  03 Sep 2012 12:56
It's "Only a baby"  from a musical entitled "Only a baby" by Reginald Chapple.
Posted:  06 Oct 2012 02:51
I was Mary in this and I remember another song

Shadows gather all around me
Should I laugh or should I cry
Is it all real
Or am I dreaming
Wonders from above the sky

What if it should truly happen
I really don't know why
Isit all real
Or am I dreaming
Wonders from above the sky
Wonders from above the sky
Wonders from above the sky
Posted:  11 Dec 2013 23:25
I have just found this page, I was also Mary 30 years ago and sang Wonders from above the sky, it was recorded for Radio Lancashire. Does anyone remember the other solo song Mary sings, I can't remember it properly.
Posted:  17 Dec 2013 16:18
Follow in his footsteps
your heart will show the way
But never forget that happiness
Was born on a Christmas day

He's only a baby... etc

The other Mary song, i think was a group one, sung first by Mary and Joseph, then, The innkeeper, then Gabriel.
I remember the innkeepers bit:
"I'm sorry, I understand your problem
I really, really do.
But our little inn is cold and dark
there is no room left for you
But if it is any consolation to you when you are gone
All our prayers to God above this night
Will be for your little one"
And Gabriel's bit:
"I bring you, glad tidings from your Father
Who honours you this night
But your little stable cold and dark
With a pillow made of hay (?)
Will bring you a little warmth and comfort
A place to lay your head
And before the morning light appears
It will be a holy bed"

Unfortunately I can't remember how it starts, which is what you wanted :-)

And didn't she have one along the lines of:
"Gentle little breezes passing by
singing, singing a lullaby" But I can't remember much more.

The year below me did it at primary 30 years ago now!
Posted:  19 Mar 2014 17:18
I Played the innkeeper and one of the 3 wise men in this play 30+ years ago!!!!
Posted:  06 Dec 2014 22:45
The Lord is omnipotent. Shout it from the highest to the lowest in the land.
- another song from this nativity I loved! Just sang my way through the others you've posted thank you!
Posted:  15 Dec 2014 14:10
I was the Angel Gabriel in 1979  - loved this nativity
Posted:  23 Dec 2014 01:30
I sang this nativity in 1996 at my school in Maidenhead. Does anybody have any audio recordings of the songs? The publishers have long since folded. jameschurch@hotmail.co.uk
Posted:  15 Nov 2016 19:38
I would love to hear the songs from only a baby! I was the angel gabriel in 1991!
Posted:  11 Mar 2017 13:35
I directed this musical twice when I was headteacher at two different schools.I would love to do it again but I cannot source a copy anywhere. Can anyone help? I am happy to pay necessary costs. Please contact me at rh831572@gmail.com
Posted:  17 Apr 2017 14:12
I still have the music, lyrics and script from the original document (1979).
It's a brilliant nativity - theologically sound, yet appropriately adapted for 9 -11 year olds.
Posted:  07 Nov 2017 03:59
Hello, to the person above.  Any chance you could send me a copy? catehong@gmail.com

I also was in this musical as a child in England, but I live in Australia
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