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Posted:  19 Nov 2005 02:47
Tell me how did it feel when the angel came to the garden,
How did it feel,How did it feel?
When he said if you're afraid.. I beg your parden.
But you're the one to bear God's son.
Tell me how did it feel?...How did it feel?

O Mama,MamaMary, we wish you joy (we wish you joy)
O Mama,MamaMary,your little boy,your little boy, Soon to be our Saviour.
Posted:  13 Dec 2005 07:15
Can i get the music sheet for this hymn O Mama Mama mary .   My email id is anitadsouza72@yahoo.com or

Posted:  14 Dec 2005 15:27
Oh? We are doing this carol/song for Christmas (All male voices) and it is amazing. I will try and get you the music and the lyrics for other verses

Posted:  07 Sep 2006 15:07
hey can i please get the lyrics to this oh mama mary song ive been looking for it for now 3 years and i finally found it except the whole lyrics arent here u can mail it to me at christina_bialkowski@hotmail.com thanks

Posted:  24 Sep 2006 22:25
Hello!  I too would love to get a copy of the music and lyrics from this song.  I remember it from Christmas Eve Mass when I was little.  Please email me at tsmoen@mchsi.com with any sources you have for this piece---Mama, Mama Mary.  We Wish You Joy!
Thanks, Stephanie
Posted:  19 Oct 2006 20:23
Me too! I would be very happy to know of a source for the score & lyrics of this song. I remember hearing it rendered by a male quartet... Pretty awesome! Do mail me at unknown_indian30@yahoo.com. Thanks.
Posted:  30 Oct 2006 05:42
Could I please get thatsent to me too. My e-mail: lyons268@gmail.com

Thanks so much
Posted:  04 Aug 2007 01:15
Tell me how did you feel when the angel came into the garden?
How did you feel? How did you feel?
When he said "if you're afraid I beg your pardon,
but you're the one to bear god's son."

Tell me how did you feel (how did you feel)
how did you feel (how did you feel)
Oh Momma, Momma Mary,
we wish you joy, we wish you joy.
Oh Momma, Momma Mary,
your little boy, your little boy
Soon to be our saviour.

Tell me how did you feel on the final day
How did you feel? How did you feel?
When you arrived in Bethlehem to hear them say
"No food no table, save in the stable"


Tell me how did you feel when the wise men came to see him?
How did it feel? How did it feel?
When shepherds and kings with precious things adored him
it had begun, here was the one.
Posted:  06 Dec 2007 02:45
who sings this song?
Posted:  06 Dec 2007 23:21
hey does anyone have an mp3 of this song?  or were can i get one
Posted:  24 Dec 2007 15:46
I have this song on tape.  I taped it off the radio years ago.  I have been unable to find the words or music or CD of this song.  Does anyone know who sings it?
Posted:  27 Dec 2007 21:39
Momma Mary is a Roger Whittaker song.  It was released on the Roger Whittaker Christmas Album and the Roger Whittaker Christmas Collection and possibly others.  When doing 'net searches for this, be sure to spell it "Momma".  If you aren't finding much with 'Mama' it is because Mr. Whittaker uses the "Momma" spelling.
Posted:  04 Oct 2008 21:50

If you could please send me the sheet music as well? Thanks a lot!
Posted:  01 Nov 2008 01:09
Any chance I could get the sheet music as well...I'm a music teacher hoping to use it on a concert...
Posted:  07 Nov 2008 14:50
Allright  what we need here is a very talented ,warm ,huge hearted guitarist
that will patiently disect the country -folkie unique style that is roger whittakers guitar style and the dozens of chord  embellishments  heard in Momma Mary! Better luck........why don't you ask santa!!!!!
Roger probably never ever wrote it down since it did not appear in the few "christmas with" songs that were published and now long out of print.. I too have spent at least a day of my life every year around christmas time for the last 5 years trying to net find these chords  so I consider myself a loser expert at this useless endeavor. If I had a thimble full of talent other than being a fantastic mimic with my own guitar play, I would share Momma Mary with the whole world and  risk Roger and his grandkids suing me so all of us can humbly make the rest of our congregations cry. (because we cant make it through without crying ourselves we wish you joy!!!) Lets hope he will write it down for us someday...or....those of you with social connections to europe (where he tours to this day) find the man and beg for the momma mary primer!!!
Sorry I just needed to vent!
Katherine from a great First Baptist church
Posted:  20 Nov 2008 01:05
Any chance I could also get the sheet music...I am a teacher hoping to use it for our Christmas concert.
Posted:  27 Nov 2008 21:10
I need the sheet music also for a church pageant? Would anyone please be so kind as to help?Brenda  brendaconnell@msn.com
Posted:  30 Nov 2008 22:36
Sorry for sounding like a broken record but IS there any sheet music for this song, and if so, where?
Thank you, Carole
Posted:  09 Dec 2008 11:52
I used to sing this every christmas at elementary scholl and haven't been able to find it since. Please send the lyrics too shane_gordon_house@hotmail.com
Posted:  12 Dec 2008 01:29
i am in grade 5 and my class is singing that for christmas
Posted:  17 Dec 2008 06:54
Can I get the music sheet of O Mama Mary. My emailid- is monafig@rediffmail.com
Posted:  29 Dec 2008 01:03
Would you please send the music sheet of Momma Mary to mthomas1113@hotmail.com?  My in-laws enjoy this so much and really would like the sheet music with lyrics.  Anything you could do would be greatly appreciated.
Posted:  18 Sep 2009 18:28
If anybody has the Sheet music please mail it to me as we are planning to use it for our Male Voices Choir for this Christmas. The mail id is davidarthur100@hotmail.com. Many thanx!
Posted:  23 Sep 2009 02:48
May I have the sheet music for: Oh Mama, Mama Mary

I appreciated if anyone could help us out on this


Posted:  28 Oct 2009 00:24
I have a Youth group who will sing Momma Mary on Christmas Eve, but guess what?? I need the sheet music too, or else I will have to muddle thru with my guitar, and that won't be pretty! Can anyone send it to me?? monaeileen@live.ca Thanks SO much!
Posted:  07 Dec 2009 04:55
Please send that song to spark_abby10@yahoo.ca
Posted:  19 Dec 2009 05:24
hello,I'm Bob, and I love this song!
Posted:  22 Dec 2009 03:10
Hi there, does anyone still have a copy of the sheet music?  If so, I would love to have it.  My own children love this song, and I would like to learn it for them.  Thanks!  vincep880@rogers.com
Posted:  18 Mar 2010 19:38
how can i find it on youtube this song is good javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''
Posted:  05 Sep 2010 09:47
happy birth day mama Mary!
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