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Posted:  12 Apr 2007 22:00
I need the lyyrics to this song, I don't know the title or who sings it.  I can pray until the walls come down. til there's healing all around. That's something I can do.
Posted:  13 Apr 2007 07:50
I Can Pray (Dove Brothers)

Verse 1
You say I’m not able
I’m too young or I’m too old
And I can’t sing or teach
And no title do I hold
Lord, what can I do?
For I want to do my part
And I want to help the hurting
With all of my heart

I can pray until the walls come down
Until there’s healing all around
That’s something I can do
I can pray in my secret place
Calling on your name
That’s something I can do
I can pray

Verse 2
My family shows no interest
My child has gone so far
Though I try my best to reach them
Their hearts just seem so hard
Lord what can I do?
To help bring them back to you
For my family’s lost and dying
And my words don’t get through

Repeat Chorus

You may not be a preacher
You may not be a Sunday school teacher
You may not be able to sing
But friend there’s something we all can do

You can pray
In your secret place
Calling on his name
That’s something you can do

You can pray, I can pray, we can pray
I can pray, you can pray
I know you hear us Lord when we pray
We will pray
I will pray
Will you pray?
Posted:  14 Apr 2007 21:27
Thanks for posting this song for me!
Posted:  09 Oct 2007 17:27
this is a really good song it has a awesome message
Posted:  21 Oct 2007 02:10
does anyone no where to find the sheet music or notes to this song
Posted:  20 Nov 2007 03:13
I've met the man that wrote this song he is great!
Posted:  21 Nov 2007 09:37
OMG , i love that song ~ Its amazing .... COuld anyone let me know where i could find the Music (just the tune) to this awsome song ?!!? Thanks ! God Bless Everyone !
Posted:  15 Dec 2007 23:02
This is a wonderful and inspirational song.  Thank you for posting the words.
Posted:  18 Jan 2008 18:14
Yes here it is. www.dovebrothersquartet.com  You can even download it to your cell phone ring tone for free.
Posted:  03 Feb 2008 03:22
what a great song indeed. i spent 3 hours surfing the net for a copy and i found it here. thanks for the copy. i believe this gonna be a fascinating audio-visual tool for my students. again thank you doesn't half express it but there's the real appreciation within.
Posted:  11 Feb 2008 22:15
I have heard this song on the radio, and was inspired to sing this at my new church home, Antioch Baptist Church in Alabama.  Thank you so much for providing me with the lyrics and the website address!  May God bless your efforts in His name.
Posted:  10 Apr 2008 05:16
What a beautiful song! Such a strong message! Will You Pray?
Posted:  07 May 2008 07:27
I have been looking for this song for months. I want to sing it Mothers Day, I think it will be a very good song for Mothers that have unsaved children.
Posted:  01 Jul 2008 05:08
My mom got the cd with this song on it from her child hood friend who went to church with her. We were actually listening to this song today. I love this song. And since we are having a rough time right now dealing with the death of my father, it was a nice spiritual message to hear.
Posted:  03 Jul 2008 08:03
i know a youth chorale that sang this song but instead of saying:

You say I’m not able
I’m too young or I’m too old
And I can’t sing or teach
And no title do I hold,

they sang:

some say im not able
im too young or im too old
i  may not have much talent
and title do i hold

on the second verse they sang:
my family shows no interest
a child has gone so far
Though I try my best to reach them
Their hearts just seem so hard

and at the end they said I WILL pray in stead of wil you pray
Posted:  18 Jul 2008 23:40
does anyone have the music to this song I can Pray

if so Email me

Posted:  26 Jul 2008 17:40
i love this song. but i have to sing it in front of a TON of people. i think i may die. :(
Posted:  26 Jul 2008 17:59
I think you'll do great. Just think about the power of the words you're singing and how better the world would be if everyone could hear and do what they say.

And if my encouragement doesn't help, remember..."you can pray"

God bless,
Posted:  28 Jul 2008 19:46
where can I buy this cd?? I would love tohear the tune as well as the wonderful words.
Posted:  29 Jul 2008 04:35
You can purchase an MP3 from Amazon here:

You Can Pray MP3http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=namethathymnl-20&l=ur2&o=1

It's one of the tracks on their "Never the Same" CD, also for sale at Amazon:

Dove Brothers Never the Same CDhttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=namethathymnl-20&l=ur2&o=1

Posted:  06 Aug 2008 01:54
This song is posted on you tube. Type in  Dove Brothers, I can Pray  & click on the little boy. That is the best one. I just heard this Sunday night. I love it. There is a lot of Southern Gospel music on you tube.
Posted:  17 Nov 2008 22:08
Does anyone know where i can find the chords to this song i need them for a service tonight?
Posted:  20 Feb 2009 16:54
My Husband has left me and our girls after 23 years, our girls are hurting and confused, it has been 8 months now, and I am holding on to Gods Promise of restoring my home life and marriage, but most of all God brings him back home to him first.

This has been a dificult time, but I have drawn closer to the Lord through this process, and I have been chosen for this journey for the Glory of God, that me and my husband will tell our testimony of faith and restoration to other families that are torn apart.

I dont even know if anyone is out there, that will respond, but I heard this song one day on 365live.com "I can Pray", my secret place is my bedroom closet, and if you are listening please pray for me and my family.

   " Be not afraid" Only Believe

Gods Family in Dahlonega Georgia
Posted:  20 Feb 2009 17:22
In August of 2007, I left my husband after years of emotional/physical abuse.  In July of 2008, we reunited after around 11 months of separation.  Although we're not "there" yet, it has not been the same as before.  Changes in myself (no longer being codependent) and changes in him (realizing that his actions and/or reactions were wrong) have made a big difference in our relationship.  God has truly done a work.  We still have a long way to go but, with God's help, we'll get there.  I know that God is working a work in you and your family.  What the outcome will be, I don't know, but trust God in His sovereignty.  He can give you a peace that is beyond understanding.
Posted:  16 Apr 2009 22:46
God's Family in Dahlonega Georgia,
I don't know you and you don't know me but know that right now I am asking God to restore your husband back to God, back to you and your girls. It's so hard and sometimes God doesn't bring a home back together but HE and HE ALONE can get you through this. Just put your faith in him. It's kinda like that song by the Issacs... The father has a plan though it's hard to see it now. You feel your walking all alone but he is there no doubt! When the storm around you rages and your tossed to and fro and your faced with lifes decisions not sure which way to go STAND STILL and let God move. Standing still is hard to do, when you feel you may reach the end HE'LL make a way for you. Stand still and let God move.
Just trust in him! Hopefully by the time you even check back at this God will have healed hearts and your home. God Bless!
Posted:  28 Apr 2009 21:43
Do you have sheet music for I Can Pray by the Dove Brothers?
Posted:  09 Aug 2009 07:01
I just heard this tonight, though I think I may have heard it before because it does sound a little familiar. There is a good message in this for those who are going through "tough" times, We can all pray, especially for those who have reached a point where they can't pray for themselves. God is on the Throne, with Jesus at His right hand as our Intercessor, just waiting for our prayers.
Posted:  30 Aug 2009 21:31
What a wonderful truth to that song. Heard it for the first time this morning and it was so appropriate to the struggles our family is facing at this time.
Posted:  26 Sep 2010 14:07
that has a great MESSage
Posted:  08 Nov 2010 23:12
thank you so much for this song. me and a friend is singing this at church sunday and i could find the words and i really needed them!!!
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