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Posted:  12 Apr 2007 04:35   Last Edited By: gyman
I Couldn't Have Made This Journey Without You - Searching for the words and music
Posted:  17 Apr 2007 22:08
This song was recorded by Howard and Vestal Goodman.  I have seen it on some the Gaither Videos.  Sorry, I don't know which one.
Posted:  03 Nov 2013 21:38
looking for a source to buy this vocal music
Posted:  03 Nov 2013 21:59
is entitled           WITH YOU
written by David Byerley and Rick Goodman

When I close my eyes, I still remember
That old tent revival where I met you
We've traveled many roads since then together
And I wouldn't change one moment if  you ask me to


I couldn't have made this journey without you
There's been many times your love has brought me through
We've been down the road of life together
Yes weve gone a mile or two
But I couldn't have made this journey without you.

Side by Side, we have crossed each bridge together
Hand in hand, we have made it by his grace
Through the years your strength has been my companion
There is no one that could ever take your place

Here is a good recording
http://carolynspreciousmemories.com/Misc/With ...
The audio is at the top left hand
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