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Posted:  29 Jan 2009 15:01
hello everyone...

it's great to have the lyrics of the song, ive been looking for it too.

God bless....

Posted:  11 Feb 2009 08:59
hi everyone....
i super super love side by side....
do u guys get help me 2 fine it???
Posted:  06 Feb 2010 07:24
I am looking for a song called "Red Sea Experience" from album called white Robe by Patrica white . I used to have cassette tape with the song.

the song go like this"have a red sea experience in your life go on down trhough
and in morning watch you will see that Lord alone bring you  through....
something like that is what I remember of it
Posted:  02 May 2010 07:21
Hey everyone, Im looking for info on Jeff Wood - specifically the one who wrote Side by side. (where/when he was born, when he wrote side by side)

There are a lot of Jeff Wood's on net and i have no idea which one he is. I found one lewd reference and hope that wasnt the one Im after.
Posted:  31 May 2010 04:59
Much appreciation for the lyrics "side by side", only resource i can find for this song. Blessings.
Posted:  10 Mar 2011 04:51
i can't seem to find this one song... if you know what it is, you'd be of great help...
it goes like this

da da da da...da. da da-da da. da da da da da... da da da da.
Posted:  01 Sep 2011 18:31
I will be with you wherever you go is on a CD by Marilla titled 'love must be the reason.  it a lovely Cd to listen to. would love th emusic for this song woul dbe easy to sing.
Posted:  16 May 2012 21:40
Red Sea Place has lyrics almost identical to the poem:

Posted:  22 Nov 2013 16:02
where can I find free sheet music for "I will be with youwhere ever you go"McCrimmond.I need this for a wedding but cant afford to buy the whole hymn book-Margaret
Posted:  24 Apr 2014 04:37
Everyone looking for Side by Side search Heritage Singers. They made it popular in the 70's. It's on Spotify & YouTube.
Posted:  17 May 2014 05:58
I remember "Side By Side" from the mid-70's. The Heritage Singers was the only group I know of who, at the time, "covered" that song.

As some have mentioned, there is a You Tube video of that song--I saw it and it brought back a lot of memories. May the Lord bless those who produced that song and others.
Posted:  23 May 2016 02:24
Here is a youtube videos of this pretty song

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