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Posted:  17 Nov 2005 03:02
Some of the lyrics are as such:

Meet me in Heaven, we'll sing songs together.  Meet me by the Savior's side......

Please help me find this song and it's author.  Thanks!
Posted:  04 Dec 2005 04:22
Michelle - The song you're looking for is called "Side By Side".  It goes back to the late '60's and early '70's.  I'll have to hunt for who wrote it, but that was when Ralph  Carmichael and Kurt Kaiser were cranking out the contemporary "Jesus Music", as it was called back then.  God bless you - hope this helps.  -  Lee
Posted:  05 Dec 2005 18:43
Thanks Lee, if you could please find out who wrote it, that would be awesome!  Much appreciation!!  Michele
Posted:  23 Dec 2005 18:41
Michele!  Michele!  I found it!

"Side by Side" was written by Jeff Wood (words and music) and arranged by Paul Johnson, copyright 1972 by Sonlife Music Company, which owns the rights.

Side by side we stand awaiting God's command
Worshiping the saving King

Living by His grace and moving on in faith
Jesus Himself will see us through

Meet me in heaven, we'll join hands together
Meet me by the Savior's side
I'll meet you in heaven, we'll sing songs together
Brothers and sisters, I'll be there

Soldiers all are we to go where Jesus leads
We'll fight in faith and we will overcome
Heaven is our goal, and saving every soul
Pray that we all will be there

Repeat chorus:

Finish: Praise the Lord, we all will be there

Like a junkyard dog, I don't give up till I've nailed it!  Keep "in His Word", feed on it every day, and stand on it without wavering.  The winds are starting to blow and you want to be anchored to the Rock.  See you in the Kingdom, Michele.  Have a very Merry Christmas! - Lee
Posted:  28 Dec 2005 17:19
Wow!  You're the greatest!  I can't thank you enough for finding it........I have no idea how you did it but I sure am grateful.  Thank you and God bless!!

Posted:  28 Dec 2005 17:22
Thanks again, Lee.  Don't let anyone or anything steal your crown!  See you in Heaven.....Michele
Posted:  03 Jan 2006 03:21
Hello I am looking for a hymn called I Will Be With You by an author called Gerard Markland and the tune and the words mean a lot to me as I played it on my instrument every year when I went to Lourdes for a holiday and because I don't go there anymore it will still bring back memories for me.

I can write out the Chorus for you and if you can contact me on Huntingdon 01480 831388 I will play the tune on my keyboard.

I can tell you this hymn is in many hymn books but not necessary sang, but anyway the Chorus goes like this.

I will be with you wherever you go.
Go out throughout the world.
I will be with you in all that you say.
Go now and spread my word.

Verse one
cCome follow me to the stormy waters.
Come reach out and I'll be there.

back to Chorus

If you can help me find my favourite hymn I will be so pleased an if you need any help with the music don't hesitate to give me a ring on my home number and the best time to do this is evenings only

Yours sincerely

Matthew Baker

lover of hymns
Posted:  22 Jan 2006 14:38

The hymn to which you are refering is called "I will be with you" and is in the Celebrational Hymnal, published by McCrimmon Publishing Ltd.

The words are:

I will be with you whereever you go,
go now throughout the world,
I will be with you in all that you say,
go now and spread my word.

V1. Come walk with me on stormy waters,
Why fear?  Reach out and I'll be there.

V2. And you, my friend, will you now leave me,
or do you know me as your Lord?

V3. Your life will be transformed with power
by living truly in my name.

V4. And if you say, 'Yes Lord, I love you,'
then feed my lambs and feed my sheep.

As you may have realised, the verses are based on words that Jesus said to Saint Peter.

I first remember hearing it at Hopwood Hall, which used to be a teacher training college run by the Salesians, in the 1970's.  Gerard Markland is a very nice man and a talented singer and guitarist, but as far as I am aware has published very little recently.

We sang this hymn in our church this morning, 22nd January 2006.


another lover of hymns.
Posted:  29 Apr 2006 17:33
What is the name of the hymn that has the words "i will be with you where ever you go go now throughout the world"

plz find it i need it for my uncles funeral
Posted:  07 Aug 2006 16:06
Gerard Markland is a remarkable man, with a great gift to write and sing worship songs ... my brother in law ... he has not published much recently which is a shame as he has a great talent
Posted:  02 Sep 2006 08:11
How is he these days? he used to be my physics teacher at St Monicas
Posted:  16 Jul 2007 19:52
i'm really grateful for the person who found this song, 'side by side '. thank you so much God bless!!!
Posted:  16 Jul 2007 19:55
hello again can someone do me the favor of finding the chords for the song,'side by side'  thank you in advance God bless!!!
Posted:  18 Aug 2007 11:39
Dear bros & sis.,
Am looking for a particular hymn. But i don't know the right name/title and the writer.
But i remember some part of the song. Can anyone help me find this hymn? The name, lyrics and  the mp3.

Here's what i can remember-

"Labor not your crown is in heaven. Labor not ...........! There's a crown heaven. You can win it if you come".

Thank you in advance and God bless.
Posted:  22 Sep 2007 06:24
I am so happy I found the words to Side by Side here.  God is truly amazing I have been looking for it.  Thanks guys and may God continue to bless each and everyone of you.
Posted:  08 Nov 2007 02:42
Hello Matthew Baker again.

I wrote to you sometime ago about finding the hymn called I will be with you wherever you by Gerrard Markland and on 30th September on Radio Two's 40th birthday I heard it being played then together with my name being mentioned as I requested it and thanks to so many other people who like this hymn on this page.

Why can't I access the lyrics and music on the internet and how can I compose the song myself if the song can't be found on the net?

Kind Regards

Matthew Baker
Posted:  10 Jan 2008 23:38
This is my first post, and just wondering if I can join the thread.
I have a question about the hymn that have the lyrics above for "Will be with you".
Is that the same hymn from the book of ruth "whereever you will go" as I cannot get it anywhere. I don't know the lyrics for it so unsure if it's the same??
Posted:  07 Feb 2008 22:12
There is a third verse for Side by Side that I have heard over the past few years.  I think it is a fitting conclusion to the song.

Soon we will be there, in that heaven so fair.
Singing praises to our King.
Jesus will come and say to each one,
“You have been faithful to the end.”
Posted:  13 Mar 2008 02:08
Can anyone find a link to an .mp3 or any other form to listen to for the song "Side by Side"?
Posted:  07 May 2008 23:34
G               A     D                Bm
Side by side we stand, awaiting God's command,
G               A     D  D7
Worshipping our saving King.
G             A         D             Bm
Living by His grace, and moving out in faith;
G          A       D      D7
Jesus himself will see us through.

G          A            D            Bm
Meet me in heaven, we'll join hands together;
G              A       D    D7
Meet me by the Savior's side.
     G           A            D            Bm
I'll meet you in heaven, we'll sing songs together,
G            A               D
Brothers and sisters, I'll be there.
G            A               D
Prayse the Lord we all will be there.

G                A     D               Bm
Soldiers all are we, to go where Jesus leads,
G               A     D         D7
To fight the foe and we will overcome.
G             A         D             Bm
Heaven is our goal, and save every soul;
G          A       D      D7
Pray that we all will be there.

G          A            D            Bm
Meet me in heaven, we'll join hands together;
G              A       D    D7
Meet me by the Savior's side.
     G           A            D            Bm
I'll meet you in heaven, we'll sing songs together,
G            A               D
Brothers and sisters, I'll be there.
G            A               D
Prayse the Lord we all will be there.

G            A              D                   Bm
Side by side we all will be singin´ prayse the Lord
G          A                   D
Prayse the Lord we all will be there
G       A    G       D
Side by side will be there
Posted:  15 May 2008 23:08
I know this was from a while back, but thanks Lee for the lyrics on "Side By Side We Stand". I really needed that for a major school event.
Posted:  29 Jun 2008 00:48
Hallo, I just want to say thank you for the lyrics of side by side we stand.  I was looking everywhere for this song.  I found it  and I am happy.  I love that song
Posted:  13 Jul 2008 04:07
12th of July, 2008  Here's _another_ guest that was looking for the Side by Side We Stand song    This board was the only hit about it.  Brought a couple of cold chills & some wonderful memories back from long ago when my kids were growing up....  Thanks to all who contributed.... DC from greater Cinti. OH USA
Posted:  13 Jul 2008 04:47
12th of July, 2008 10:45 pm

Found another dear song from that era on _this_ site http://www.hymnsite.com/lyrics/umh687.sht
"Day is Dying in the West"

Be sure to turn up the volumn ... & sorry, no -  "Side By Side" isn't on this website but there are MANY great songs somebody might be looking for & love.  God bless     DC
Posted:  19 Jul 2008 08:36
The hymn is found in He is our Song! In the hymnal book!
Posted:  16 Aug 2008 02:22
Side by Side was recorded by the Heritage Singers and is available on CD.  Look up their website or Adventist Book Center to get it.
Posted:  11 Oct 2008 08:52
i am also dying to get Side by Side ... i cant find it in limewire ...
Posted:  11 Oct 2008 08:57
i am also dying to get Side by Side ... i cant find it in limewire ..... your help so that i can download it is much appreciated..    ---- Donn, Thailand
Posted:  13 Nov 2008 19:10
I am looking for a song that I believe Lindell Cooley sang in the Brownsville revival but I only remember a few verses...

Let it fall down on me....
Lord, Once again..

I lift my hands toward heaven,

something like that..
its very soft and beautiful ..does anyone remember that one?
Posted:  29 Nov 2008 06:07
I was looking to get an mp3 of Side by Side.

All i've been able to find so far is this:
http://www.esnips.com/doc/c3672a80-b101-41be- ...
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