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Posted:  07 Apr 2007 22:37
All I know is that these words are somewhere in the song. Thanks everyone!
Who rolled the stone away
what a wonderful sight
an angel dressed in white

I'm not even sure these are the correct words or even in order, so thanks in advance everyone!
Posted:  15 Mar 2008 19:13
Come and listen to my story,
How for sin, Christ did atone.
How an angel came from Glory,
and He rolled the stone away.

Who rolled (who rolled), the stone away (the stone away)
Who rolled (who rolled), the stone away (the stone away)
The angel said, He's alive and not dead.
Who rolled the stone away.

Mary magdaline was weeping,
when she came where Jesus lay.
for she thought the Lord was sleeping,
but the stone was rolled away.

Who rolled  (who rolled) the stone away (the stone away)
who rolled (who rolled) the stone away (the stone away)
what a wonderful sight, a man in white
who rolled the stone away.

It was on one Sunday morning,
just about the break of day,
when an angel came from glory,
and he rolled the stone away.

Who rolled (who rolled) the stone away (the stone away)
who rolled (who rolled) the stone away (the stone away)
if you still doubt, just read and find out,
who rolled the stone away.

Hope this helps.
Posted:  17 Apr 2010 00:20
Thanks but this is not the song.  It goes He rolled awaY THE stone. There is nothing left but a whole in the ground. He rolled the stone away. I can tell you the son  has come an gone .  He rolled away the stone.
Posted:  22 Apr 2011 18:24
In case you havent found your answer, the song is He Rolled Away the Stone by Michelle Pillar
Posted:  30 Mar 2013 15:14
who sing that first version you posted..Thats the version I am trying to find. My family has sung it for years down south. I am trying to find it on mp3 or youtube to show a friend...thx
Posted:  12 Apr 2013 01:26
Who Rolled The Stone Away   Is Done By The Primitive Quartet
Posted:  12 Apr 2013 02:11
Here is a recording of it:

Posted:  10 Apr 2015 06:32
So "Killer Tracks" has this song - I would love to have this version  but can't figure out how to buy it.

He Rolled Away The Stone KT148-13 ( 1 Alternate Versions & Edits ) Plaintive acapella female vocal and harmonies on a genuine country gospel tune.A CapellaAcoustic FolkCeremonialCountry GospelFlowingGospelHuman Documentary human
DramaInspirationalMediumMelodicOptimistic/PositivePeacefulSouthern BaptistUplifting
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