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Posted:  04 Apr 2007 17:04
I would like to know if anyone know who is the Artist of  "Mercy REWROTE MY LIFE"?
Posted:  08 Apr 2007 23:29
Yes the one who wrote that song is Mike Murdock
Posted:  31 May 2008 22:30
God used this very song to help me to walk the right path with Him!
Posted:  04 Jun 2008 00:38
I love that song...Its so powerful..
Posted:  05 Jun 2008 11:45
i'd love to see the words to this song ...could you pass them on...thanks
Posted:  11 Jun 2008 22:37
Jimmy  Swaggart  also sings this song.
Posted:  15 Apr 2011 08:45
I'm not sure who is the original artist, but Mthunzi Namba also sings the song.
Posted:  16 Jul 2011 18:40
Jimmy Swaggart wrote that song NOT Mike Murdock
Posted:  15 Aug 2011 17:20
This song is great! And speaks of God's grace to us. I'm so thankful that mercy can be written over all our mistakes.
Posted:  28 Oct 2011 14:48
I want the song, it has been in my soul the whole day
Posted:  29 Oct 2011 00:29
This is the lyrics I have on this song.

Mercy Rewrote My Life

Verse: 1
For years I traveled, the road all wrong,
my heart, had lost, its joy and it’s song,
till grace, it placed me, right where I belonged,
when mercy rewrote my life.

Mercy rewrote my life,
mercy rewrote my life,
I could have fallen,
my soul cast down,
but mercy rewrote my life.

Verse: 2
My mistakes, God turned, into miracles,
and all, my tears, he turned into joy,
my past, was forgiven, my new name, was written,
when mercy rewrote my life.
Posted:  06 Dec 2011 00:07
I love this song..
Posted:  16 Jul 2012 01:31
powerful song
Posted:  25 Jul 2012 16:32
this song brought revival in my spirit... I cant stop singing it oh! I love this song
Posted:  13 Aug 2012 06:12
you can get it on cd at JSM.org bookstore under music CDs.  Jimmy swaggart sings this song! beautiful voice. I think he is even better now that he is older, than when he was younger.. Not that he wasn't great before, because he was. His voice is deeper or something? Y'all should hear him sing "the anchor holds' on his newest cd "all i need is Jesus"! Great ministry. Preaches Christ and him crucified!
Posted:  24 Aug 2012 12:43
Oh, I'm so inlove with this song. I keep on singing it at work.
Posted:  28 Aug 2012 17:11
This song has been going through my mind ever since I heard it on SBN . Someone on that program said it was written by someone in South Africa! Regardless who wrote it, it is powerful and inspired. Praise God for mercy.!
Posted:  21 Oct 2012 17:30
Oh what a praise, it inspires me
Posted:  06 Jan 2013 17:30
yea he rewrote my life, this song really revives my spiritual being
Posted:  21 Jan 2013 19:24
Woow pawerful song
Posted:  02 May 2013 17:58
Amizingly awesome!
Posted:  16 May 2013 16:04
it brings joy and hapiness
Posted:  26 May 2013 22:34
Indeed Mercy rewrote my life I now feel the presence of God right now as I'm writing.I felt like he was farway from me the devil reminding me of the things I had done before but after listening to this song being sung by Mthunzi Namba I'm revived.I can't stop crying and praising him
Posted:  10 Jul 2013 11:51
Hmm, I've been wondering and asking myself this question seriously..
'''do I really know and understand the depth, height, length and breadth of shame that His [Jesus'] Love picked me from..? Do i really understand. You could also ask yourself same.
Mercy Rewrote My Life..., True,MERCY REWROTE MY LIFE
Posted:  22 Jul 2013 11:16
This song ...Mercy Rewrote My Life...restored my very soul...for I did my sins to
what is called...excess(more and beyond what I should have.) My shame was unbareable and I cried till I was beside myself day & night both. Only God could of loved me so much to bring me back to Him. Spiritual blindness had set in because of my sins for they were many. Praise God for this song. I am a singer for the Lord and I will sing this song to help bring restoration to others. Amen
Posted:  07 Aug 2013 12:35
Oh God!this song blesses me,it uplifts my spirits,make me realise that nomatter wat sins i might hev committed,Mercy rewrote my life
Posted:  03 Sep 2013 22:05
song inspires
Posted:  28 Nov 2013 02:51
God! What a song. So power. Wen I think of d lyrics of ds song tears flow dan my chicks not for my wrong but in gratitude for God's mercy. God bless the writter of that lyrics.
Posted:  31 Dec 2013 22:46
Wooow dis song changed my life, my Pastor asked m to download it 4 him and send him, i had to listen to de song scince i downloaded it, n i burst into tears. Thank God by speaking wif m through de song.
Posted:  24 Jan 2014 22:54
This song is power indeed I think everyone should have this song on they phones, it makes you think of things you have forgotten in your life Bless the Lord for his work in us.
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