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Posted:  08 Nov 2007 00:26
Help!  I'm looking for easy piano accompaniment for "Ring the Bells" by Harry Bollback.  I'm only a fair pianist but I'm all our choir has.  The arrangement I have is by Harold DeCou.  I'm having trouble figuring the chords.  THANKS!!! GBY
Posted:  08 Nov 2007 04:58
I have the whole copy of "The Night of Miracles" that we did back in the 60's at our church. It is beautiful. I wonder if it is legal to make  copies of it. Or where co uld I buy some copies to use at c hurch.  This cantata includes "No Room."Thanks AJE
Posted:  09 Nov 2007 22:11

Posted:  10 Nov 2007 16:45

I am looking so hard for a particular medley arrangement of John W Peterson's "No Room."

I only have bits of information because I heard the song more than a decade ago.

It is arranged by David T. Clydesdale (i think).
It was released late 80's or early 90's.
It was sung by a choir, festival style, with full orchestral accompaniment.
The other song in the medley is also entitled "No Room" (i think)
somewhat with lyrics like these:
"...room for houses, lands and treasures,....
...No room, for the King of Kings...."

Pleas email me (ajibiju@gmail.com) if you have any idea what the arrangement is.


Posted:  02 Dec 2007 08:49
I would like to know where I might be able to obtain a SATB version of "No Room" ASAP.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Please e-mail me at loisheady@yahoo.com

Posted:  14 Dec 2007 08:09
I'm looking for the lyrics of the song which goes like this, "Never was anyone like Him, never will, wont be the same, a tiny Babe, an infant King, Savior...and I see what they saw to this very day, Oh He came special delivery, wrapped up in love..." sung by Evie...if anyone 's got the entire song please send them to me.  my email is yooeni@yahoo.com
Posted:  08 Jan 2008 17:05
I think I have maybe three John W Peterson songbooks somewhere....  Must have a look for them. Could be four.... very old ... I've had them for thirty years....
Posted:  13 Mar 2008 23:13
I need song 'King of Kings"

Help me..plzzzz
Posted:  24 Apr 2008 17:18
I am looking for the lyrics for John W. Peterson's "God Knows All About Tomorrow." Can anyone help me? Thanks and God bless.

Posted:  13 May 2008 19:16
I am looking for the words to a Christmas Contata song by John Peterson that I heard in the late 60's or early 70's.  I do not know the name of the song but I have seen interest in this song posted on this site.  The only words that I remember go like this:  "No room, no room for the King of Kings.  Room for packages and other things.  No room for Jesus . . "  and so on.  I acquired the "Night Of Miracles" contata and the "No Room" song in that book is not the same.  Does anyone have a lead on this song for me?  I would like the sheet music.  Thank you.  Debbie in Ga.
Posted:  14 May 2008 05:44
Would this be the song "King Of Kings That you are looking for?


1.  All my tomorrow’s, all my past,
Jesus is Lord of all.
I’ve quit my struggles, contentment at last,
Jesus is Lord of all.

King of Kings, Lord of Lords,
Jesus is Lord of all;
All my possessions and all my life.
Jesus is Lord of all.

2.  All of my conflicts, all my thoughts,
Jesus is Lord of all.
His love wins the battles I could not have fought,
Jesus is Lord of all.

3.  All of my longings, all my dreams,
Jesus is Lord of all.
All my failures His power redeems.
Jesus is Lord of all.

Chorus x 2
Jesus is Lord of all.
Posted:  29 May 2008 20:57
Anyone out there have any information on a hymn that mentioned "all day Sunday meeting and picnic on the ground"? Our choir used to sing it and I can't find the words or music or title anywhere.
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