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Posted:  07 Nov 2005 23:27   Last Edited By: Guest
HELP !!Can anyone tell where I can get free lyrics and music for "No Room" by John W. Peterson? written in 1958. It was recorded on "Come On Ring those Bells" by Evie Tornquist back in the seventies '76 I believe ( now out of print/ not available). By the way, I think this song was part of a cantata.. There must be SOMEBODY out there who knows !!!!Thanx & God bless         Sojerner
Posted:  08 Nov 2005 18:59
Yes, it was a song in a cantata by John W. Peterson.  Beautiful song.  I will try and come up with words as our church sang this contata in 1969 or 1970.
Posted:  16 Nov 2005 23:40
The cantata was "Night of Miracles"
Posted:  27 Nov 2005 02:18
I look for this every year.
I sang it in high school choir in Springfield, VA in 1964.
It was a single choral selection.
I would like a CD.
Thanks from me, too, to who finds it!
Posted:  05 Dec 2005 15:42
No room, only a manager of han
No room, He is a stranger today
No room, here in His world turned way
No room, no room

No room, here in the hearts of mankind
No room, no cheery welcome could find
No room, surely the world is blind
No room, no room

No room, only a manger of hay
No room, He is a stranger today
No room, here in His world turned away
No room, No room

No room
Angels, in heaven up yonder
Watch with amazement and wonder
To see the Son of the Highest treated so
No room, no room, no room

John W. Peterson

I have a copy of the music, but it's blurry. I'll try to make a pdf and include it.
Posted:  05 Dec 2005 15:56
I have a copy of music. It's blurry, but works. I don't know how to paste it into this e-mail. If you want a copy of a pdf or jpeg, email me at jdckivett@aol.com and make your subject line say NO ROOM. If someone can tell me how to paste or attach to this mail, let me know.
Posted:  06 Dec 2005 05:11
Thank you. I have emailed for a copy.
I don't know how you can post it here.
Posted:  07 Dec 2005 19:46
I was so happy that the Lord led me to this site to find that there were others interested in the words to No Room by John W. Peterson.  I appreciate you
making it available.  I love that song.  Such a wonderful message! 

Posted:  09 Dec 2005 05:04   Last Edited By: steveliu
I found the music in a book called "Christmas Favorites" by Singspiration, published in the 1980's.
Posted:  09 Dec 2005 05:24
Hi! I'm new to this site tonight & I just happened to direct "Night of Miracles" in 1961 in our church in Burbank, CA. I still have the reel-to-reel tape of the 2nd performance as my father, brother and wife were all back-up soloists that performed on the week following Christmas. I also just got the software to record the old tapes onto CD's. I'll post a note on this site when I get this done and make it available to interested parties (no charge) via email. I just stared looking for Easter Music for next year. Who knew I'd wind up on a site like this! I know I'll have plenty of occasions to use this. Cool!    ....Don R.
Posted:  10 Dec 2005 18:02
I am so excited to find this website!  I have been looking for a recording of the Christmas Cantata," Night of Miracles" to purchase for my father for a Christmas present.  He was the narrator when my church performed this in the mid 60s and it has always been his favorite (he will be 81 years old next month!)  I would love to be able to purchase a copy from you if you have it available.  Please send instructions on how to do that.
Posted:  17 Dec 2005 19:54
I am looking for the guitar chords for No Room.  I have the piano sheet.  bonsai@cablelan.net
Posted:  20 Dec 2005 19:59
To Burbank Past:  I am very interested in getting a copy of "No Room" on CD.  Any way I could get a music track that I could sing to?  bonsai@cablelan.net
Posted:  23 Dec 2005 23:11
Dear Burbank Past,

I'm interested in doing a few of the songs from Night of Miracles for Christmas morning and would appreciate any tracks you've converted. I'd really appreciate it. Send them to marriedhsdad@hotmail.com.  Thanks so much in advance.
Posted:  07 Mar 2006 11:08
http://www.jjonline.com:8080/content//ittooka ...

http://www.jjonline.com:8080/content//ittooka ...

Click on the above to listen to 'Sleep Holy Child' and No Room' (open with Winamp)

Hope it's useful. Reach me if you need help. I can mailyou the songs
Posted:  08 Mar 2006 21:19
Does anyone have the lyrics for

Come, Holy Spirit by John W. Peterson?

Posted:  16 Jul 2006 16:25
Hey Folks,
Does anyone has the lyrics for "Come Holly Spirit" By John W. Petreson?
T. Proc
Posted:  18 Jul 2006 05:35
The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost
He came in mighty fullness then
His witness through believers won the lost
and multitudes were born again.   

The early Christians scattered o'oer the world
they preached the gospel fearlessly
though some were martyred and to lions hurled,
they marched along in victory.

Then in an age when darkness gripped the earth
the just shall live by faith was learned
the Holy Spirit gave the Church new birth
As reformation fires burned.

In later years the great revivals came
when saints would seek the Lord and pray
O once again we need that Holy Flame
to meet the challenge of today.
Come Holy Spirit
Dark is the hour
we need your filling
your love and your mighty power
move now among us
stir us we pray
come Holy Spirit
Revive the church today!
Revive the church today.
Revive the church today.
Posted:  18 Jul 2006 05:37
I got these lyrics from .. no kididng, my MOTHER! So. I've loved this song since we first sang it in 1974 in Winston Salem at Church.
Does ANYONE have the mp3 - I'd dearly loooooove to have it!
Posted:  15 Aug 2006 21:38
Does anyone have the cantata, I believe by John W Peterson, that moves through the life of Christ.  I sang it in choir in the early 70's.  Some of the songs were, "In Ramah there was a voice heard", "Let him be crucified." "There was no room for him, no room." "And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them, and they were sore afraid." "Fear not, behold I bring you great tidings of great joy."
Posted:  13 Sep 2006 17:59
Posted:  15 Sep 2006 19:53
I am looking for piano music to "No Room".  Does anyone have it and could I get a copy.  Thanks

Posted:  15 Sep 2006 19:54
I am looking for a song titled "Ring the Bells'  Some of the words are 'Ring the Bells, Ring the Bells, Let the whole world know, Christ the Savior Lives today as he did so long ago," I don't know who wrote it.  I would like to find piano music to this song if anyone has it.  Thanks.  Pam
Posted:  21 Sep 2006 01:59
Go to:
click on his name and enter the website. You will that you can order copies of his music from this website. It is still copyrighted and that's where you should legally get it and they have it. Also some of the songs that you some of you are looking for are on the CD Legacy by his grandson.
jdnielsen, california
Posted:  26 Sep 2006 02:55
I am looking for the words and music to "The Wonder of Christmas" by John W. Peterson.  It was written in the late 60's and this is the opening and closing choir number in the Cantana.  Does anyone have the words or music?  Cheryl Brady
Posted:  29 Sep 2006 23:44
john peterson passed away recently in Scottsdale, AZ.
Posted:  07 Oct 2006 18:49
To Cheryl Brady's request for the "The Wonder of Christmas" go to www.johnwpetersonmusic.com and they will have it for you.
Posted:  08 Oct 2006 23:10   Last Edited By: steveliu
I have had several requests for the sheet music to "No Room" by John W. Peterson.  I now have the music available in a PDF format if anyone wants it (keys of "F" and "Eb).  I also have the sheet music to "Ring the Bells" by Harry Bollback.
Posted:  11 Oct 2006 07:32
its a song i heard...don't know where...don't know many of the words.....
   sorry i never knew you..i have no record of your ...
   daddy ......
Posted:  12 Oct 2006 08:21
    I am frantically looking for the cantata Joy to the World by John Peterson.  Please===someone must ahve a copy of this somewhere.  My email is
SweetBobsy@aol.com  Thanks Barbara
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