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Posted:  03 Dec 2017 08:12
Need the lyrics  for these  2 songs . Any help will be appreciated very much.

Think On The Good Things - Stephen Hill

It's Going To Be A Good Day - Wesley Pritchard
Posted:  03 Dec 2017 16:14
.         Think On The Good Things

Chorus (2x)
I'm gonna think on the good things
Think on what the Lord has done for me
I'm gonna think on the good, good things
What I think is what i'm gonna be

I'm gonna fill up my mind with happy songs of praise
Remind myself that He’s forgiven me
Gonna think about things that I know will lift me up
Like hope and peace and truth and joy and simple honesty


When I think about despair things it will only get depressed
When I dwell on trouble, I will trouble be
But if i fill up my mind with the goodness of the Lord
He will make me more like Him and meet my every need
Posted:  03 Dec 2017 16:19
.           It's Gonna Be A Good Day


It's gonna be a good day I can feel it comin' on
All my darkest nights have come and gone
I might just wake up laughing
I might just sing a song
It's gonna be a good day I can feel it comin' on

When I work up this morning
I knew what was on the way
I could tell by how I felt inside
The sun was here to stay
Someone up in Heaven
Must be smiling down on me
'Cause I feel so excited
From my head down to my feet
I'm lookin' for the future
'Cause I know God is in control
I'm lookin' to enjoy this ride
I think I'm on a roll


All my expectations and possibilities
The dreams that I've been dreamin'
He has made reality
I've made a resolution
That I'll dwell here on the good
And He'll send down a blessing
Just like He said He would
When I look down this tunnel
I can finally see the light
I've got a funny feelin'
Everything will be alright
Posted:  03 Dec 2017 22:32
SongInMyHeart, I do appreciate your help.
Thanks for the videos and the lyrics for both of the songs.
Thank You for the fast response, too.

God Bless You, SongInMyHeart.
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