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Posted:  29 Nov 2017 18:34
I am searching for the sheet music, tabs, or download, anything you have for this song. I can only find it on jango with no buying options. Here is the chorus to the song. TIA for any help!

the greatest gift of christmas is the one God gave to me, not the golden tinsel or presents underneath our christmas tree. It's the gift of Gods son who died to set me free. Now the greatest gift of Christmas hung on the cross at calvary.
Posted:  29 Nov 2017 18:59
Hi Danae

I can't find The Greatest Gift in Lawrence Savage's discography.
Can You give us more information as to what album this is on or
any link it might be sited on other than Jango here:

Lord bless you
Posted:  29 Nov 2017 20:13
It is the first time I ever heard this song. Really Like It.

Just wondering, if someone can post the lyrics here, please ?
Posted:  29 Nov 2017 21:42
I first heard it on  the radio and searched and searched. Jango is the only place I have been able to find it at all!
Posted:  30 Nov 2017 00:49
I'll post the lyrics for the guest request when I get a free moment.
Posted:  30 Nov 2017 04:16
As my mind goes back to yesteryear when I was but a child
I remember Christmas morning. I was greeted with a smile
Not because of treasures that this world ? in store
But because of the love that lived behind our cabin door

And the greatest gift of Christmas is the One God gave to me
Not the golden tinsel or presents underneath our Christmas tree
It’s the gift of God’s Son who died to set me free
Now the greatest gift of Christmas hung on a cross at Calvary

Now that things are better and money I can spend
For things that bring pleasure to my family and my friends
But that’s not the reason why Christmas came to be
It’s because of the One who gives us life for eternity
Posted:  30 Nov 2017 05:46
SongInMyHeart.  I do thank you very much for posting the lyrics.

Now I can share them with other people at CHRISTmas.

God Bless You.
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