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Posted:  26 Nov 2017 12:17
Hi,this was one of the songs i heard on my dad's christian playlist when i was younger,i can't seem to remember all the lyrics except for lines..Here it goes:

'And so i thank you lord for saving me for (from) me,
For making me the man i need to be..
So when i think of the future
I place my life before you............'

That's all i remember...but i also remember listening to micheal card's jesus loves me' and another's 'there's still cleansing power in the precious blood' on that same collection. .

I've searched online for years now with no luck.
This is my last chance.
Posted:  26 Nov 2017 15:59
Hi Nif

Could you clarify if the collection you mentioned
is your dad's playlist he personally pulled together from various artists
I started researching the Signature Series for all three of the songs together
on a production album but realized his might have been a custom mix

I hope we can find the song for you.
The crew here is fairly good at recognizing gospel songs and hymns
Sometimes it takes awhile but it's worth the wait

Lord bless
Posted:  26 Nov 2017 17:03
Thank you,Nancy..
Yes,it must have been a collection from various artists...
Posted:  19 Jan 2018 02:54
Posted:  21 Jan 2018 03:53
May be on this link?  http://www.namethathymn.com/hymn-lyrics-detec ...

Hope this helps.
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