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Posted:  09 Nov 2017 08:07
If someone could get me the words to this song I would appreciate it. The title is For The Record by The Mckameys.
Posted:  09 Nov 2017 19:38
Hi heavensent,

Hopefully I'll find time in the near future to work on transcribing
in the meanwhile here's the recording
It would be great if someone posts before I do

Lord Bless,
Posted:  15 Nov 2017 14:23
i am not a perfect man. I’ve stumbled time and time again
But God’s grace and mercy make me clean
For the record I have been redeemed

Let the record show that I declare allegiance to Christ
To walk in His ways, to fight the good fight
Jesus gave His life so I could live and I will give Him mine
For the record. For the record

When my life comes to an end and I go home to be with Him
This legacy I hope to leave for the record I chose to believe
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