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Posted:  07 Nov 2017 12:02
by the bowlings
Posted:  07 Nov 2017 18:59
Here's the recording
Hopefully someone has the lyrics to post.
If not, I'll be working on it when I get the opportunity
Posted:  15 Nov 2017 13:57
When God spoke to Noah, he started building that day
He spoke to Elijah and the prophet knelt to pray
Jesus the healer, healed the sick, blind and lame
And all who believed in one moment of faith

In one glorious moment of faith,
though drowning in sorrows the redeemed can truly say
Boundlessly loving me, He brings sweet victory
In one glorious moment of faith

Now I will remember that precious Spirit filled hour
When God’s grace and mercy brought redeeming, holy power
Lost and so lonely, a sinner so afraid but everything changed in one moment of faith
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