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Posted:  06 Nov 2017 17:24
Looking for lyrics to a song by Squire Parsons Called My Lord Sent A Ship please help me if you can thank you
Posted:  06 Nov 2017 19:26
here's the recording:
will have to work on the lyrics when time permits
if no-one else posts them before I get to it
Posted:  15 Nov 2017 13:22
They tried to tell me my ship was going down
I would not listen for Satan had me bound
I was ruined and hopeless; alone in my shame
But praise God He heard me when I called His name

My Lord in mercy sent a ship for me
When I was sinking on life’s troubled sea
Soon in that blessed homeland I shall be
For My Lord in mercy; He sent a ship for me

When we drop anchor on the other side
In that blessed homeland where all the saints abide
You know someone may question just how the likes of me could make it into Heaven
This my answer shall be


   Its hull was bent and battered from the storms of life I could see
   ? yet this old ship was steady
   Is that The Old Ship of Zion I see?

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