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Posted:  31 Oct 2017 02:18
Posted:  31 Oct 2017 02:44
here is a rough recording to start with
Posted:  31 Oct 2017 03:20
need words
Posted:  31 Oct 2017 19:53
However, thanks for the recording, though
Posted:  15 Nov 2017 13:02
Thank you for requesting this song. I was blessed listening to it

                    Sometimes I Feel A Breeze

Sometimes my burden’s heavy. Sometimes my feet get slow
There’ve been times I have struggled just to keep sight of the goal
Oh but when my soul’s been thirsty, sweet refreshing would come
With the Spirit of the Holy Ghost He’d wrap me up in His arms

Then He lets me feel a breeze from off the Crystal Sea
Sometimes in the distance seems I can hear the angels sing
Oh at times I get a glimpse of a place that I call home
Sometimes He lets me feel just enough of Heaven to keep me pressing on

Now I’ve got a lot of loved ones who have crossed the swelling tide
Though I imagine our reunion when I reach the other side
Oh in dreams I see their faces. I can hear their voices calling me
Say don’t look back just keep back just keep ? . Heaven is worth everything
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