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Posted:  24 Oct 2017 22:59
My friend is looking for the rest of this song that she heard for the first time in 1959 on the mission field in Kenya. She remembers that another missionary lady had a songbook with this song in it.   Some of the lyrics went like this:  Are you in your casket? Are you dead to self and sin?  Are you glad that you got in?  The chorus has this line in it: Die for Jesus, die for Jesus.  If anyone has any information about this song I know that she would be pleased to find out about it.
Posted:  08 Nov 2017 03:45
We found the lyrics!  There are seven verses. I hope they all fit in one post!  They are sung to the tune "Count Your Blessings".


1. We once were lively people, but to die is now our aim.
We must die with Jesus, if His life we'd gain,
Thus within the casket, we the self life lay
And we are determined ever there to stay.

Are you in your casket? Are you dead to self and sin?
Have you ceased from struggling? Are you glad that you got in?
Die with Jesus: soon with Him you'll reign.
Oh! get in your casket, and the victory gain.

2. When we get in our casket and have said goodbye,
To all on earth that holds us, when the dearest tie,
Father, mother, brother, sister, dear ones, all
We commit to Jesus and obey His call.

3. Earth's foolishness and gossip is not heard when one is dead.
While we are in our casket we fed on heavenly bread.
We can feel the death blows, but we must lie low
We dare not rise to see from where they come or go.

4. When you get in your casket, do not get up to see
If flowers are on the casket: or they're thinking well of thee
Jesus was rejected they'll reject you too:
Do not look at them but Jesus He will take you through.

5. When you get in your casket: screw down tight the lid:
Be buried eight feet under, to be sure you are hid
Satan he will tremble, if he speaks, you don't reply
Lie quiet in your casket, and die, die, die.

6. When we get in our casket, if we are peeking around,
We're not dying daily, but we're losing ground.
Don't expect that nice things always will be said.
We're no account, now, remember, we are dead.

7. I am in my casket and will stay till Jesus comes,
That's the place that He will look for all His chosen ones.
Through the death I must go if alive to Him I'd be.
I'll keep dying daily, till my blessed Lord I see.
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