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Posted:  10 Oct 2017 22:45
I am listening to this song now,  can someone post the lyrics here, please?
Posted:  11 Oct 2017 00:27
studio recording
live recording
https://kevinspencermusic.com/Lyrics/DontGive ...

Don’t give up; keep headin for the Heavenly shore
Don’t give up; when you knock He will open the door
Jesus made a way for you to go through
Praise Him and He’ll give you life anew
Don’t give up; Don’t give up
Verse 1
Has your day started out with worry
Has trouble been on every hand
Jesus is the answer to your problem
Just trust His word; you can take your stand
Verse 2
Give thanks to the Lord; start praising
There’s promised blessing in store for you
You can climb up out of your valley; take that mountain
Your faith in God will always see you through
Chorus Twice
Don’t give up
Posted:  11 Oct 2017 01:52
Thanks for the lyrics and the videos and link, SongInMyHeart.
Posted:  02 Nov 2017 06:21
Love this song
Posted:  03 Dec 2017 22:59
So So So happy, I found this song.
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